Dior Forever Foundation.

It’s been the Dior week here on the blog, and I’m so excited to be writing about a new addition to the Dior foundation line up, the new DiorForever Foundation ($64, available here) that’s joining one of my all-time must-have product!

It’s no secret that my favourite foundation of all time remains to be the DiorDiorskin Star Foundation ($64, available here) which I have probably talked to death on this blog.

The new Dior Forever foundation is very similar in appearance to its sister, the Diorskin Star Foundation, sharing Natalie Portman as the face of the launch. With so many high-tech foundation releases in the last couple of years from many high-end brands, it’s difficult to say what else could be new and different. But I must say that the new release, Dior is really delivering on that flawless skin manifesto with an unbeatable matte formula!

The DiorForever Foundation is available at: Sephora • The Bay • Saks Fifth AvenueNeiman Marcus

Dior Forever Foundation

The Dior Forever Foundation is the Upgraded version of the Star Foundation

The new DiorForever Foundation ($64, available here) is marketed to be a combination of skincare, makeup, primer and sunscreen in one. It’s quite a novel product if you take it at face value, but I always think trying to do too much can be really counter-productive.

I find the Dior Forever foundation shade range corresponds with each other quite well between the two formula’s so it’s helpful if you already know your shade in one of them. I wear the #021 Linen with the Diorskin Star Foundation, a perfect match to my MAC NC25 skintone. Similar to its sister formula, it seems to use the same rule of thumb where the shades ending in the number “0” has a pink undertone, those that end in “1” has a yellow undertone, and those that end in “2, 3” have a more neutral undertone. There are 16 shades in the range, and although it’s not as diverse, it’s a promising start so far!

If you already wear another Dior foundation that has similar naming systems, more likely than not, it will correspond to this new launch. Personally I use #021 in both the Forever and Star foundation. with here is an equivalent shade in the Dior Forever foundation range which I will be purchasing separately since the shades #20 and #30 are far too pink on my skintone. Like the Star foundation, the colours ending in 0 are more pink/neutral toned, and those ending in 1 has a yellow undertone. So shade #21 is a light-medium foundation with a yellow undertone.

Dior Forever Foundation

The Dior Forever Foundation and its sister, Star Foundation

Dior Forever Foundation: Primer and Makeup in One

Unlike the buildable medium-to-full coverage, satin finish of the Diorskin Star Foundation, the Forever Foundation has a fuller coverage with a matte finish. The Diorskin Forever Foundation has oil-controlling properties that helps control shine, and corrects the complexion (redness, and unevenness) with no mask-like effect despite the matte finish. I can’t really comment on this as I have normal-dry skin, and rarely has issues with oil.

The formula has a soft-focus ingredient, similar to the Diorskin Star Foundation (it was hailed as the selfie foundation when it first launched), and helps reflect light and adding radiance on the skin. I find that the pores are less visible and the skin looks better and more even throughout.

The formula is supposedly able to last for a good 16 hours, however I’ve yet to had to wear it that long yet. For me, as long as a foundation gets through an 8-hour workday just fine, I can live with that. This foundation has no issues standing up to an 8-hour work day in an office, and 2-3 hour drinks/dinner session afterwards.

As a foundation with a built-in primer, one of the key ingredients here is dimethicone, a type of silicone that is a common ingredient used in primers to smooth out the skin.

Dior Forever Foundation

Sunscreen & Skincare Properties

I will admit that I was a little hesitant about how this product would perform when I read that this foundation has sunscreen in it as it meant there is a high likelihood it won’t photograph well. The original Diorskin Star Foundation did as well, but only with SPF15.

This has far more than that – SPF35, which is a good amount for daily sun protection. It’s really interesting that the back of the box actually has an instruction section, which tells you to apply the foundation alongside sun protection with the very familiar directives to apply 15 minutes before sun exposure, and to reapply every 2 hours. So to me, the SPF35 foundation claim is more of a marketing extra, nothing that should substantially alter your skincare routine.

As for the skincare properties, the skin is supposedly set to improve with each application given the Diorskin Star Foundation ingredient that refines pores affected by dryness, and slack. The foundation is supposed to help smooth the texture of your skin over time. It was a thing this foundation was released during the winter time as I had a bit of time to test out the dryness claim. I think the foundation holds up quite well, but definitely not one you can use and skip the moisturizer completely.

Dior Forever Foundation Swatches & Shade Comparison

Dior Forever Foundation.

Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation Comparison Swatches: MAC NC25 Studio Fluid Foundation // Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ #35 // Dior Diorskin Star Foundation #21 Linen // Dior Forever Foundation #20 Light Beige // Dior Forever Foundation #30 Medium Beige

For some additional reference, I wear the following shades in other brands:

  1. Laura MercierPhoto Ready Silk Creme Foundation in Bamboo Beige
  2. Estée LauderDouble Wear Foundation in 2W1 Sand
  3. CliniqueEven Better Foundation in #25 Buff
  4. Make Up For EverUltra HD Foundation in Y245 / Y315 depending on the time of the year
  5. DiorStar Foundation in #21 Linen
  6. DiorDiorskin Forever Foundation in #20 Light Beige

The new launch is an excellent product and it’s hard to find fault on a foundation that clearly delivers on every single one of its marketing claim thus far! It hasn’t fully replaced my favourite Diorskin Star Foundation quite yet, but I’ll let you know if I feel like changing it up with this for the longetivity.

A DiorDiorskin Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base ($55, available here) and Extreme Perfection Matte Finish Powder are complements to this foundation launch that’s worthwhile looking into if you’re into long-wearing complexion!

The Dior Forever Foundation is available now at Dior Counters nationwide, The Bay, Sephora and Holt Renfrew.

Are you a fan of matte foundation? Does the new Dior Forever foundation pique your interest?

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Thanks <3

I love, love, love Diorskin Star too! I fear this one is going to be too mat for me, but I guess in the summer it’s going to be great. I’ll surely get a sample as I love Dior bases! ???? xx

Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

I love the foundation but the price increase is far too steep to repurchase! I’ll be trying out a few other formula’s in the meantime!

Thanks! Very helpful ????


Thanks lovely!

These sound promising! We ave never owned a chanel foundation before, but this one is definitely tempting


I hope you’ll get a chance to try out the new Dior foundation!

Wow! This sounds really amazing for my oily skin! I also love that it has sunscreen in it!

Shannon Sage

Yep! Though be sure to wear a layer of sunscreen as I think the SPF on this is too low to wear by itself.

I don’t think I will like this because of the full coverage and matte finish as I prefer my base to be very light. I am planning to pick up Dior Nudeskin (I think that’s the name?) in the future, have you tried that?

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

I don’t think I’ve ever tried any Dior makeup before (aside from one mascara). I really need matte finishes because of my super oily skin. This one actually sounds really nice. I may need to get a sample of this one day soon!

Katherine || The Green Bows

The last time I bought a Dior foundation was when they launched Airflash. I think I will test this in the store. I have had some trouble finding a perfect shade in Dior foundations over the past few year but this one sounds like such a winner, I will give Dior another chance.

I forgot to ask you: did you try the new Dior base makeup which goes with this foundation?

No I haven’t! Terribly sorry I didn’t get around to responding to your comment until now!

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