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Hello and welcome! My name is Stephanie and I am a 24 year-old beauty enthusiast residing in Toronto, Canada. I am your unconventional geeky girl-next-door with a passion to create and turn visions into reality by day, and your overachiever learner by night.

theFantasia isa Canadian travel and beauty blog run by a 9am-9pm marketer writing about her (mis)adventures, wanderlust, and the latest/greatest in the beauty world. Written by your best friend and friendly girl-next-door neighbour, I hope that the content of this blog,

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Adventurer. Solo Traveller. Corp Strategist
Adventure is worthwhile.
33/100 countries

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Top 10 Best Sunscreens to Keep Your Skin Safe

It is true to say that putting on the best sunscreens is better than nothing mostly if you make it your daily routine. After crossing that threshold, there is an extensive world of sunscreens to explore. You cannot be a strategist if you do not …

5 Highlights from Fairytale Turkey (Including 2 Where I Almost Died)

Turkey has been a bucketlist destination for me for years and a recent mistake fare to Dublin turned the dream into reality! Visiting Turkey is one of those “dream come true” moment – it’s been on my bucketlist for the longest time but a series …

Life Lately #18: I Bought a Condo.

The blog has been quiet for months and there’s a good reason for it. Actually, two good reasons for it. Earlier this year, I took on a larger role at work, meaning more hours and just needing to focus on it on the whole. Then, …