Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster.

One of the most exciting additions to the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD range is the new Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster ($51, available here), a skin boosting and prepping serum meant to create an immaculate base for your makeup and improving the look of your skin over time.

I have been in love with this product since I got my hands on it a few weeks ago so much so that I had to sit down and write its own review after two week’s worth of use! Once you see the ingredients list and the potential this product has to really up your skincare game, you’ll understand why I want to let you know about it right away!

The Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster is available at: Sephora

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster

The Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster is part of the brand’s Ultra HD family which means you’ll know it’s the kind of next-level awesomeness that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. The Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster is a clear, fragrance-less, lightweight serum loaded with skincare-boosting ingredients that most of you are probably already using or are familiar with.

The key ingredient includes hyaluronic acid which is proven to retain 527% more moisture on the skin, as well as argan oil extract and collagen which help to smooth and plump the skin and diminishes the looks of fine-lines and wrinkles. Any skincare junkies know that continuous use of powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid does help improve the skin after some time so here’s to keeping the skin in tip-top condition all year round!

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The Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster comes in a 12ml glass bottle with a dropper. Despite the small bottle size, a little bit goes a long way! One droplet of this serum is enough to cover your entire face so don’t use too much! The colourless serum means it can be worn irrespective of skintones. Make Up For Ever suggests leaving the product on for 15 minutes to absorb before applying your makeup.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD – The “Smart” Makeup

What makes the Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster and the rest of the Ultra HD range really unique is that these are what’s called “smart” makeup, meaning that they adjust to your skin as you apply it. Unlike other makeup formulas that can become less stable and less potent when mixed with other products or ingredients, the Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster is so stable that it can be worn on its own like a primer or mixed with your foundation, primer and concealer. Say whaaaaaat?

That was my reaction too as I watched the National Educator for Make Up For Ever mix the Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster, Step 1 Equalizer and Ultra HD Foundation during our Backstage Workshop a couple of weeks ago. Afterwards, he mixed this concoction together to create a super-charged skin boosting primer/foundation/concealer mixture.

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If you’re looking to re-create that concoction, it’s key to remember that the Make Up For EverUltra HD Foundation is pretty high-tech itself (it’s a “smart” and stable foundation), it’s important that the first contact should be directly on the face (or area that you want to use it on) as the formula activates upon contact with the skin. That means, no squeezing the product on the back of your hand first!

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster.

My Thoughts on Using the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster

I personally have never mixed in my skincare with makeup – I always try to keep them separate to achieve the maximum efficacy. The idea of mixing a serum with my foundation, primer or concealer sounds like I could skip a step or two in my routine so I was keen to see how that would work.

On its own, the serum is not greasy and absorbs into the skin very quickly. Although the brand recommends letting the product work its magic for 15 minutes, I’m just not that kind of high-maintenance makeup user and I usually complete my routine in 10 mins tops. I’m not the most patient person so I would say having to wait for the product to really sink in would be the biggest drawback about this serum.

Since it dries quickly, the serum makes you want to apply the rest of your makeup before it’s gotten a chance to really plump up and hydrate the skin from the inside. Aside from this wait time though, I think the serum has so much potential and I’ve really been enjoying how it blurs the pores and lines around my face. On its own, the Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster wears well as a primer but I like mixing it with a little bit of the Make Up For EverStep 1 Skin Equalizer radiant primer (pink or yellow!)

Admittedly, there isn’t a major visual result when using this serum aside from the skin looking a little smoother and less uneven. If you’re expecting a miracle product, you might be disappointed. But I like that this supercharges my skincare routine without me having to think about it and I suspect any results will really show after finishing the bottle.

The beauty of the Make Up For EverUltra HD Skin Booster is that it can be customized for different kinds of makeup looks. If you want to create that no-makeup makeup look without actually wearing any foundation or powder, use a bit of the Skin Booster and Step 1 Equalizer Primer of your own choosing (i.e. yellow, or pink to brighten the skin and/or green to cancel out any redness).

What do you think of the new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster?

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Ahhh this sounds amazing!! People always say to mix a few drops of facial oil with foundation, but I’m slightly wary of that actually messing up the foundation formula. But having a primer with oil (and hyaluronic acid) makes me feel a lot better about mixing it with foundation or any other makeup product. Plus the packaging is so sleek! Thanks for the lovely review, I’ll need to try this out the next time I’m at Sephora!

Jenny // Geeky Posh

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