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I tried really hard to come up with a unique, fanciful name for this post, and I realized I just couldn’t! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been picking up bits here and there – trying to not spend too much money in the process since this girl needs to save up for the holiday spending spree that will happen (You know it will, and I’m only lying to myself if I say it won’t happen).

But I ended up at the mall after going to the gym, and things happened… so my excuse is the classic “But It Was On Sale!” if asked.

So here are a few items I’ve been picking up over the last couple of weeks from The Bay, Chapters, and MAC Cosmetics! Apologies in advance if you were looking for a more exciting haul – I promise you will see many of those coming up in the next couple of months!

I first saw the Kate SpadeCedar Street Stripe Bag ($238, available here) when I went to an event at Eaton Centre and was instantly smitten. Months later, several trips to other The Bay locations, and seeing different colours options, my want for this bag didn’t diminish not by a fraction so it was the most convenient of all things to happen when I received a mailer from The Bay including a 20% discount (10% off sale merchandise) on anything in-store. We all know that Kate Spade, and any other branded products are often excluded so I was stoked when I discovered that 1) This bag was on sale, 2) There was an additional 45% discount on this bag, 3) I could use the discount card on this purse, and 4) I got an additional 20% off instead of just 10%. I think you’ll fall over if I told you how much this bag ended up costing me – needless to say, it went down as one of the best “But It Was On Sale!” Purchases I’ve done in a while!

Also from the Bay, I picked up the Shiseido Ultra Protection Cream ($49, available here) thanks to a $20 gift card that I had received from a Cityline taping I had attended recently. I was so thrilled with the opportunity to spoil myself with another beauty item, and this sunscreen is always on my wishlist because it wears more like a primer on me – there’s a bit more tackiness (without the greasiness though!) that makes this sunscreen a staple any time I can stock up on it! The price is steep for what it is but in line with other luxury, high-end sunscreen brands.

I also wanted to buy additional beauty bits, but wasn’t really keen on spending any money right before the big holiday season so that’s when my stash of MAC empties came in handy! I exchanged 12 empties for 2 new MAC Lipsticks, the first one being a close dupe of my all-time favourite shade, Shy Girl, is MACMidsummer Night and Plink! (Although I may exchange this for a different shade!).

Though I am not a regular movie-goer, nor am I a regular novel-reader, I’m pretty excited to see two movies in theatres including The Girl on the Train and The Light Between Oceans which feature some of my favourite actors. Luckily these books were part of the 2 for $15 at Chapters (My favourite section since I don’t read novels too often anymore) and they added $5 worth of points in my account to use that weekend!

I’ve had a girl-crush on Emily Blunt (since forever) so when I saw the trailer for this, I immediately looked up the release date! I’m always about that “read the book before watching the movie” person so I had to pick this up. I read a short synopsis/review on the movie version of The Light Between Oceans featuring Michael Fassbender, and Alicia Vikander and thought it would make an interesting read! I rarely pick up novels these days so I hope they are as good as The Martian (which was my first novel in many, many years!)

Have you bought anything recently?

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