Restocking on Old Favourites Haul

I’m sure this is a familiar story to most – you go to the mall/-insert store here- thinking you were going to buy one thing and ended up walking away with a little too much? Consider this haul being one of them.

Frankly, this wasn’t even everything (definitely did way too much damage with all the clothes and books I’ve been buying so I’ll just share the beauty bits here so as to not overwhelm you with my consumerism. I haven’t been to the mall in ages and I think that was one of the reasons I went ahead and splurged on myself a little. So here’s a few things I picked up (with more to come)

I went ahead and restocked on The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% ($9.80, available here) which is my holy grail product which I fully trust to clear up my skin. Given the saga that is Deciem’s owner’s social media outbursts, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to find replacement for this soon or not. I stocked up on it just in case as I can’t be without this product – seriously cleanse my skin from the inside and I can’t complain about the price!

I stopped by Lush for a bit of a pick-me-up. I decided to repurchase my favourite product, the Comforter Bubble Bar ($12.95, available here) and also a limited edition Baa Bar bubble Bar ($6.95, available here) which I’m excited to try out. It smells of lavender and milk and I can just imagine how wonderful this will be as a weekend treat! I’m so very looking forward to trying this out!

To round up my Lush purchases, I picked up a small bit of the Sultana of Soap ($6.95, available here) which since my first time in a Lush store, was my all-time favourite scent. I wish they have this scent as a diffuser or other products because it smells heavenly and brings back so many memories! I love that since 7 years ago, they have maintained their pricing so it’s still just as affordable!

Don’t forget that Lush gives out samples so if you have been wanting to try a new item or two, ask them for a sample before buying the full-size item!

I’ve been meaning to refresh my wardrobe and my stops have been H&M and Dynamite Clothing. I’m kind of obsessed with lightweight sleeveless cardigan vests that go to the back of the knee – it lengthens the body and I got a bargain when I bought one from Simons for $40! It’s a bit more than what I would usually shell out but I can see this being a staple this season!

I’m really looking forward to refreshing my wardrobe with more staple seasonal pieces – do you have any recommendations or favourite stores that I should check out?

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