Makeup Routine | Current Favourites #11.

When I find products that just work for me, I am loyal to it to a fault. It’s almost to the point that I won’t let go or try other products until the product is finished, which is scary when you think about it considering how much makeup I have to eventually go through. Here is my current makeup routine that I use for daily!

Makeup Routine | The Face

I’ve recently been spending 14+ hours at the office (that time of the year you know?) It was important for me to have something that will last all day, yet doesn’t look like I’ve put in too much effort. My first thought immediately flew to the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation ($44, available here) which you probably know as being my fail-safe foundation, except for the fact that it can look mask-like if your skin isn’t properly hydrated.

The air in the office must be quite dry because by lunch time, I started noticing lots of patchiness/dry spots. Fortunately, I have a back up, and my current go-to favourite at the moment to get me through 14+ hours at the office is CHANEL Perfection Lumière Foundation ($55). Featuring a medium-full coverage with a skin-like finish, this saved my makeup routine.

Makeup Routine | Current Favourites #11.

I’ve been really in love with two blushes that imparts the most beautiful, natural-looking finish a girl could ask for when in a rush every morning. The CliniqueCheek Pop in Ginger Pop ($24, available here) and Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush #225 ($31, available here) are two distinct colours but completely fail-proof to achieve that natural glow every morning.

Makeup Routine | Finishing Touches

I’ve been favouring a nude-pink lip combination lately as it is flattering on my skintone, and looks business-like? My current favourites happen to be from the drugstore which is great news as I don’t feel very guilty when it comes to restocking them. The Rimmel LondonApocalips Lip Lacquer in Phenomenon ($9.99, available here) features a fantastic formulation that sits on the lips comfortably and doesn’t stain though it will feather off as you eat/drink coffee throughout the morning. The Annabelle TwistUp Lipstick Crayon in Havana ($11.49) is a surprise favourite since I completely forgot about how much I loved these formula until recently.

For the eyes, I have been loving the Make Up For EverAqua Shadow in #2E Matte Brown ($24, available here), a dark brown shade that can be built up to a very office-appropriate liner colour. The “Aqua” range from Make Up For Ever features smudge-proof, budge-proof and waterproof formula which is something a girl who spends 14+ hours at the office needs. Although pricey, this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made since it has become my go-to liner every morning. For the mascara, I have been loving the Make Up For EverSmokey Extravagant mascara ($28, available here) which is not a mascara for everyone. As the name implies, the formula will volumize and lengthen your lashes like nobody’s business and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For my super straight, short lashes, the formula lifts my lashes just the right amount that it doesn’t look like I’m trying too hard.

I’m quite crazy about the IT CosmeticTightline Waterproof Mascara ($22, available here). What’s unique about this product is that it was a super thin and very small brush wand which deposits product as close to the lashline as possible. Aside from this unique, and novel tool is the fabulous formula it features. Long-lasting, smudge-proof formula that boosts volume and length!

Have you tried any of these products? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

Love the products you mentioned .. but aren’t fourteen hours in the office too much ? ????

Trying to lower it for sure! Trying to be home more often than at work ????

I haven’t tried many of them but I love how the cream blushes look from makeup forever! I need to give the a try!

I hope you like them!

Hi, I Hope you are having a Great Day Today! I Have yet to Try the Make Up Forever Products but I am a Big an of Estee Lauder! Before I Got My Esthetician License I worked at Estee Lauder but that was about 15 years ago! Back Then their Colors Were Not as Vibrant & Their Make Up was More Focused on the Older Clientele and I Don’t Mean that Disrespectfully! It was Just that Their Colors Were Never Bright or Glittery and they Stayed Within a Certain Make Up Range that Some May Have Considered a Little Boring! I Really Liked their Skin Care Line & Their Foundations Though! I got a 50% off Discount and Any Products that Were Returned or Barely Used We Got to Keep; I Sure Miss Those Days! Now Estee Lauder has More Make Up to Choose From and it Focuses on All Age Groups! They have Brighter Colors and Fun, Funky Make Up Palettes and I am So Glad that They Finally Got With the Latest Trends in Make Up! I am Not Able to Afford the Make Up Right Now b/c I am Currently Unable to Go Back to Work b/c I was in a Motorcycle Accident! I Really Miss Being Able to Afford All the Great Make Up Brands like the Ones in Your Posts! Anyways, I Enjoy your Blog & I Can Absolutely Relate to Them! Hope you Have a Blessed Day! Jana

Thanks for sharing Jana! I love MUFE and Estee Lauder – you’re completely right that EL is a brand with such an amazing history behind it! They’ve definitely revamped their beauty line to be more in tune with what beauty lovers want these days ????

I’ve been loving the IT Tightline Mascara as well! Plus those MUFE cream blushes are just amazing! I’ve heard so much about the Smokey Lash Mascara, but always worry about smudging, do you find it smudges easily?

The Tightline mascara changed my life! It is seriously so good, I don’t know why it’s not as well-known! I really like the MUFE Smokey Lash mascara – I haven’t had it smudged on me – in fact, it’s one of my “staple” for any occasion/day/weather /events/emergency product!

When you find a formula you love, makes sense to stick with it! I’ve been so curious to try the MUFE cream blushes and I’m such a fan of Clinique Ginger Pop ????

Definitely ???? Need to start digging into my stash again for the blushes that I’ve forgotten in a while!

I’ve heard so many good things about the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation! I really have to get my hands on that one day >_<!! And the Chanel foundation also sounds really good~ Too bad it’s like SOO much more expensive in Australia ;(


I’ve wanted to try Estee lauder Double Wear for ages, it gets a lot of great reviews and is really full coverage from what I hear. May not be the best time to test it out though if you’re saying it can cling to dry patches. My skin is dry in winter and my office is incredibly dry as well, so that doesn’t help either.

It’s a difficult foundation to love in the winter! Though the coverage is unbeatable for those really bad skin days!

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