Winter Makeup Routine | Quick & Easy

I don’t know about you, but it really felt like the holiday season just sped by so now that we’re in the most depressing month of the year (Sorry any January birthdays!) I need all the help I can get in my morning winter makeup routine. You see, having to be at work before the sun fully up means that my morning makeup routine is all about being quick (so I can sneak in that extra 5 minutes between hitting the snooze button), minimalistic, and as low-maintenance as possible.

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my winter makeup routine and right now I’m really loving the combination that I am currently rotating!

Winter Makeup Routine | Quick & Easy

When it comes to my makeup routine, my complexion always takes the longest especially because the holiday diet hasn’t been too good to my skin. Putting together my own concoction of base products is one of my favourite things to do and it helps achieve exactly what I’m looking for.

Quick Winter Makeup Routine

After I’ve cleansed, and woken up my skin using the ClarinsDaily Energizer Wake-Up Booster ($18,, I’ll proceed with my hydrating skincare routine. You can read more about what I like to use in the morning in my Winter Skincare Routine post.

The Primers

As my skin is looking very dehydrated and dull, I’ve been alternating between the Make Up For EverStep 1 Equalizer Primers ($45, available here). Both the nourishing and hydrating formula are staples on my vanity. The two formula are very similar so it really comes down to your preference – the hydrating primer is geared for normal skin with occasional dryness whilst the nourishing primer is for constantly dehydrated skin.

To combat the dullness from the wintry weather, I’m loving the DiorGlow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer ($58, available here) which comes in a highly convenient tube-pump packaging. It is a pearlescent, slightly golden liquid that can be worn on its own or mixed into your foundation to give the illusion of a brighter and more radiant skin. This product is unique in the sense that it’s going to make your skin really, really glowy! I can’t think of anything else I own anything that gives me this much sheen with so little product used. I use this very sparingly (rarely on the entire face), and really only on the areas that I need a bit of oomph! I will occasionally wear this on top of the foundation as a highlighter rather than using it as a primer.

Despite the slight tint, the Dior Glow Mazimizer doesn’t change the colour of my foundation but evens out the redness on my skin when used as a primer. Unfortunately, the slightly golden colour may not be suitable for those with extremely pale skin shade as it would definitely add a slight golden tint on your skin (Unless of course, you want a bit of that post-holiday tint going!)

Quick Winter Makeup Routine.

The Foundation

My foundation of choice is an old favourite, the Laura MercierSilk Creme Foundation (Oil-Free formula) ($58, available here). Many of you will recall how popular this foundation was with YouTubers and bloggers everywhere. It was reformulated a couple of years ago and re-released as two different ranges, an oil-free, and moisturizing range.

As I have normal-combination skin, I opted for the oil-free formula which means I can control how much of the dewiness, and glow I want. If you recall, this foundation is well-known for its glowiness and dewy finish so it might sound counter-intuitive to mix it with the Glow Maximizer. I honestly haven’t found the combination to be much of an issue, plus, using a Beauty Blender helps apply the product more sparingly. This full-coverage foundation covers up everything so one quick application is really all I need.

To make the most of my foundation, and really reduce the time I spend on my makeup routine every morning, I rely on my Beauty Blender ($28, available here) as my tool of choice. If you have been contemplating this purchase for some time, rest assured that it is going to be one of the best investments you’re going to make.

Everything Else

To finish off the quick winter makeup routine, I use the Make Up For EverPro Sculpting Palette ($54, available here) which includes a cream-based blush, highlighter (matte or shimmer) and contour in one place. I travel with this palette often, and I love using the shimmery highlighter as an eyeshadow. I also have been reaching out for my BenefitPosiebalm ($23, available here) which is a nourishing tinted lip balm that keeps my lips happy all day long!

What are your favourite products for a quick makeup routine?

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Your photography in this post is so stunning! I kind of want to do a similar post like this featuring my fave’s for winter! xox.

I agree—so well-lit! How did you do it?

Thank you!! Natural lighting and $1 props from Dollarama makes all the difference ???? And of course, a small aperture helps too!

Thanks Nancy!! Hope you’re having a wonderful New Year too! Do share yours – I’m always looking for a new skincare product or two to add to my collection!

LOVE the BeautyBlender. I can’t be without even. Even when I go get my makeup done by a pro, it never seems to blend as well with a brush.

Me too! I don’t know how I got by before it ???? I’ve never used it for th eye – I’ll have to look into it!

Those product shots are absolutely beautiful! I’m also wondering what widget you are using to display the products you used along the bottom of the post? I’ve been searching for something like that for a while!

Thanks Katelyn!! I use the reward style widget for those product slider ???? I’ll also use the Shopstyle one depending on the product availability!!

I still haven’t tried the beauty blender. Everyone loves it but I can’t justify the price. One day i’ll cave.

It helps to buy them during the Sephora sale ???? That’s how I’ll ever justify the price of buying one haha! It took me years before I caved too!

I love the pro sculpting palette! It gives such a good contour. The blush is really nice too!

The formula is amazing!! I’m in love with how easy to travel the palette is!!

Great post! I love your shots and those product look good! ????

Thank you <3 Are there any of your favourites in here?

I need to try this foundation!! Thanks for the review.

I’m still testing out the LM foundation but I seriously hope that it is as good as I remembered it to be!!

I haven’t tried any of these, but they all sound like great products!

They definitely help me sleep in a little bit later!

I haven’t tried any of these either, mainly because I prefer a more matte look than dewy. Dewy never seems to look good on me, so I envy people who can pull it off.

Oh I know what you mean!! I cannot use anything dewy in the summer since I’ll look like a big mess at the end of it! By the same token, I can’t wear anything too dry in the winter – such a conundrum!!

I need to give the MUFE sculpting palette a try. I’ve been wanting to get into cream products. I love using the dip brow, always need to have amazing brows!

Perfect Shade of Mauve

I have been recommending the Pro Sculpting palette to everyone I meet!! So versatile and easy to pack!

I am so close to finishing the ABH Dipbrow and really need a new colour since the one I picked was too light for my actual brow colour haha!

hey twinnie! totally loving your photography – plus the makeup is so simple it’s a great! plus its mostly MUFE products that I use – loveeeee that contour palette! it gives such a natural contour to the face without being so cakey instagram vibes.

Hey Miranda – thank you girl – coming from another beauty blogger, that’s a huge compliment ???? I strive to keep it simple for the sake of extra hours of sleep!

I have to agree with you – I don’t find cakey instragram makeup inspiring at all!

Must try the Dior primer now!!!

It makes a world of a difference – kind of crazy considering that I’ve had this for ages and forgot about it for a while! Crossing my fingers that it hasn’t been discontinued!

Yesss!! it brings that holiday glow in a tube ???? LOVE IT!

Beautiful photos! I absolutely love the MUFE primers. I don’t have any on the go right now, but I’ve been using the green one religiously since I was 16. I have such mixed opinions on the Benefit tints though. I love how they all look, but the smell of them drive me insane! I prefer the Fresh Sugar blame for that reason.

Katherine || The Green Bows

Thank you Katherine ???? I’ve been reprimanded for forgetting to protect my skin when I have a really bad skin day going and I’ve finally been persuaded to add the extra step in my routine! Oh, the lemon smell of the Fresh sugar balm IS heavenly!!

I’m not a fan of winter either, especially the waking up before it’s light outside part >_< Cushion foundation is God-sent when I need something quick, but I still love my beauty blender + foundation combo the most. I remember people raving about the Laura Mercier foundation a few years ago, but glad to know they have 2 versions now!

Jenny // Geeky Posh

You know, I don’t think I’ve tried cushion foundation just yet! I’ve seen a few floating around from L’Oreal and Lancome – I’ll have to give it a try now! I’m such a foundation-obsessed fiend – totally unhealthy!

The sculpting palette looks great! Love the cool toned contour.

The formula for this is incredibly – worth trying out despite the price! plus, I travel with it ALL the time – it’s a one-product wonder!

Your routine is so simple ???? I love the Clarins Wake Up Booster – total refresher for the morning!

Thanks Christina – I WILL take that extra 5 minute of sleep considering how miserable it is outside!! I go through so many bottles of the Clarins Wake Up booster – I haven’t found anything like it!!

I’ve sampled that Laura Mercier foundation (was a contender for my wedding day makeup) and it’s fab stuff! That MUFE contour palette looks so handy too! ????

I’m glad to hear that it’s still as good as it was before – I’m very curious to try out this new formulation ????

I totally agree with you. I don’t spend a lot of time doing my makeup this time of year, I’d much rather stay cozy in my bed as long as possible.

Thanks Emily – what are a few staple pieces that I should check out next?

I always need a under eye concealer or brightener so I use the Maybelline brightener and the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. I also feel like powder to set that concealer is a must! Then I’ll usually just do my brows because I feel like they really shape the face. My recent favourite brow product has been the L’oreal Brow Stylist!

I’ve heard only amazing things about the Tarte Shape Tape! I think powders and concealers pretty much go together – I’ve had too many racoon-looking eyes to show for it haha!

I’ll have to check out the Brow Stylist! I’m always in search of the next brow products!

I’m so glad Ifinally started using a beauty blender! I hate how dry my skin has been though. It doesn’t seem like anything is helping the flaking! ????

Isn’t it amazing? I still occasionally switch back to a brush but usually when I need a little bit more coverage! The beautyblender does the job almost 75% of the time really well!!

I like a good quick and easy make-up routine!

I’ve never tried the Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer, but I do love glowy primers in the winter!

Definitely, especially now that the winter means mornings are darker and we need all the sleep we can get!

It makes a world of a difference! I love primer-layering to add a bit of something during the winter season!

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