Sephora VIB Sale 2015 Haul.

I’m really not to sure what to call this sale, but suffice to say that you all know exactly which sale I’m talking about. The Sephora VIB Sale occurs twice a year, first in the spring with 10-15% off (15% for VIB and VIB Rouge), and 20% in Fall/Winter (usually November). Both sales offer a great opportunity to stock up on a variety of brands, and products that normally would never go on sale.

I’ve been incredibly good with not spending any money on cosmetics in the last 2.5 months, that I almost didn’t recognize myself. I haven’t bothered with compiling a list of what I want from this sale because I actually have nothing that I “really” need at the moment. Anyways, once pictures started popping up on my Instagram feed, I decided to pop by Sephora and pick up a couple of things of my favourites.

Unfortunately, my local Sephora isn’t very well-stocked or well-informed about what’s new so I ended up going astray and picking up things that I didn’t really need. I couldn’t find any of the new Clinique Cheek Pops or any of the Sephora Favourites sets which they claim is only available during the holiday season. Anyways, I’m over it. Online order it is!


SephoraFavourites Lash Stash To Go 2015 Edition ($30, available here)
As soon as I saw this online, I knew I had to get it – It wasn’t even a question of whether I needed it either. I’m so predictable like that – a new value set you say? You bet it’ll end up in my cart faster than you can say “What’s in it?” At first glance, there’s not much difference between this and the set from last year but hey, it’s an opportunity to get the full-size of my favourite mascara’s and 5 months’ worth of mascara’s to try!

DiorRouge Baume in Milly ($37, available here)
So remember in my review of the DiorRouge Baume how I lamented about not buying enough? I ended up getting Milly because it’s a lovely colour on me and I am waiting until they release more colours in the collection. I swear they were going to for Spring, but I didn’t see it at my local Sephora.

DiorAddict It-Lash Mascara ($32, available here)
My Dior obsession continues with the purchase of this mascara. It’s iconic packaging and promise for a fantastic lash drew me in, and besides, it’s Dior with 15% discount, so it’s justified.

LancomeHypnose Drama Mascara ($30, available here)
I ended up purchasing the full-size of this because of last year’s Lash Stash set, and upon seeing it in this set again, I redeemed for another one. The mascara wand seriously means business – it grabs and coats every single hair and deposits just the right amount of the product on every hair without clumping. It holds up the curls nicely too.

CliniqueEven Better Foundation ($33, available here)
I was very drawn by Clinique’s unique claim that the foundation actually improves your skin on top of being a full-coverage makeup. Well, since foundation is something I wear for 10+ hours, might as well wear something that will help with my skin texture and unevenness as well. Plus, it was slightly cheaper than a lot of foundations I’ve been buying in the past ($40+)

HourglassAmbient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light ($52, available here)
After a semi-scathing review of Dim Light, I decided to give this another go. I just don’t learn do I? This time around, I picked up something decidedly yellow, meaning there’s no chance of this oxidizing and messing up the foundation underneath. Crossing my fingers that I didn’t just splurge $52 on something that isn’t going to work.

I missed out on the VIB Rouge Clutch but that was file as I got a whole bunch of nice mini’s to compensate. I also redeemed for the ear-phones because I thought it was kind of cute. Let’s hope it works well!

Now it’s your turn! What are you planning to buy during the VIB Sale? Have I missed anything new I should pick up? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

I love Diffused Light as a setting powder, I just got it last week. I picked up the new Hourglass Bronzer and incandescent Electra blush

Oh, I didn’t realize the Lash Stash had a voucher for a full-size version. I thought only the SDM sets did that — good to know! I’m only a BI so waiting for 10% off, though I’m not sure I’ll get anything.

I’m still waiting for my Sephora order to arrive! I’m glad that it shipped in a reasonable time, compared to the last sale, where it took at least 2 weeks to ship!

I tried out Dim Light and I was let down by it! It made me look a bit sickly. Like you, I wanted to try out these powders again and ordered Diffused Light. I hope it doesn’t end up making my foundation look too dark on my skin.

I definitely hope it works for you as well! I’m crossing my fingers that Diffused Light will end up being much better than Dim Light!

Beautiful picks! I’m super tempted by that Clinique foundation and I like the looks of that mascara sampler ????

The mascara sampler is one I’m always stocking up on! 5 months’ worth of high end mascara + a full-size? That’s a year’s supply for $30!

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