Sephora Boxing Day Haul 2015

I normally avoid the mall during the hectic shopping weeks throughout December, and rarely make an appearance on Boxing Day or Black Friday. With so many of my favourite retailers having a well-established online store presence, and free shipping if I hit a certain minimum, there isn’t much incentive to deal with elbow-sharpening, and sardine-packed stores. And the best thing about Boxing Day is the ability to peruse and shop many different stores online in my onesie, no makeup, with cookies and snacks on the side, just lazing it out as best as I can with a Christmas food baby.

So I surprised myself when I agreed to accompany my sister to the mall December 26th morning and decided to pop into a couple of stores. We got there pretty early – 7:15am and got a parking spot within 2 minutes! In hindsight I’m really glad I did – I think there would have been a lot of “What did I miss out on?” moments and disappointment because a whole bunch of stuff I wanted during the Sephora Boxing Day special that sold out online when I got back two hours later.


The first haul I’m going to share with you is from Sephora simply because I think it would be fun to split out this haul a little bit and space them out!

Sephora Boxing Day Deals

I posted about this on the Sephora beauty talk forum, and the Canadian beauty bloggers Facebook page because I spotted them on the 25th when I was doing some pre-boxing day shopping. Similar to the $13 sets that were released during Black Friday, Sephora released numberous beauty and skincare sets but for $15 each this time around. Although not that much more expensive than the Black Friday ones, it was disappointing to see a 25% price hike compared to last year when they were only $12. To make up for the slightly higher price, I did find some products to be a little more generous than what I had expected, so here’s what I picked up.

I picked up the CaudelieCaudelie Favourites Boxing Day Set ($15, which includes 5 mini items that are perfect for travelling. You get a Fleur de Vigne shower Gel ($15, available here), Gentle Conditioning Shampoo (available here), and Nourishing Body Lotion ($32, available here) as well as the Micellar Cleansing Water ($28, available here) and Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet ($40, available here). All of them are generously sized from 50-70ml (except for the Vinosource serum). I’m a bit bummed about picking up only one because when I got home the set had sold out at Sephora and I wasn’t too keen about driving back to the mall.

I also bought the Ole HenriksenNurture Me Duo Boxing Day Kit ($15, which includes a very generous-sized Nurture Me moisturizer ($50, available here) – 30ml vs. 50ml full-size, at $50 and a 10-pc Nurture Me Makeup Cloths ($10, available here). This set paid itself over, and I am loving the citrus scent! I’m not always the biggest Ole Henriksen fan but this set is perfect for travelling, and I love the heavy jar that I can re-use once I’ve gone through the product.

Also from Sephora, I picked up the Too FacedSex & Chocolate ($15, which has my 2 favourite products from Too Faced! I love the Better than Sex Mascara ($30, available here) and have tubes of backups in my arsenal, and the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer ($38, available here) is my favourite dupe for the Benefit Hoola without the price tag!

Lastly, I bought the CliniqueClinique Loves Boxing Day ($15, set which includes 3 mini favourites from Clinique: the Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Bodacious Black Honey ($20, available here), the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($61, available here) and Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm ($36, available here). I’m a huge fan of Clinique’s skincare and beauty products – I feel they are relatively underrated compared to a lot of other higher end brands.

I really appreciate Sephora Boxing Day deals in keeping up these seasonal deals as they are great to stock up on for travelling, care packages, and for gifting throughout the year! While I’m likely keeping most of them, I picked up a few backups for gifts and to include in care packages that I plan on sending to a few people!

Did you pick up anything from the Sephora Boxing Day sale?

Can’t wait to hear your reviews on all these products. The Caudalie set looks amazing, I don’t own much of their products. I haven’t gotten anything new from Sephora lately.

Perfect Shade of Mauve

Hey Kelly! That’s really good – I’ve been buying one thing here and there, but it all adds up! I’m really bad at keeping up with this Sephora trend!

Some great picks here, I love the Too Faced set and the Clinique one especially. I’m such a sucker for sets like those, I swear it’s like anything mini I just gravitate towards.

I’m exactly like that as well! A mini set? Oh I definitely must have it… my vanity is so littered with mini beauty items! What was the last set you bought?

You picked up some good items! You can never go wrong with Too Faced :). I absolutely love the Better Than Sex mascara.

I agree – the mascara continues to be my fall back on days where I feel like I don’t have a good mascara handy! What are some of your favourite products from Too Faced?

I really like all your choices! I ended up going out boxing day too but didn’t get anything! This was probably the first time in years that I passed up getting anything!

Wow Mel!! Amazing ???? I wished I had that kind of self-control haha!

I picked up a couple of the Caudalie sets as gifts and the Clinique one for myself. Excited to try the cleansing balm.

Oh man! I wished I bought more of the ones you mentioned! The Caudelie set is perfect for travelling and I didn’t realize that the Clinique set had a FULL-SIZED mascara that was limited edition!!

I skipped Sephora on Boxing Day because I knew I would’ve bought way too much there ????

How do you like the First Aid Beauty products you got?

Love from New York,

Charlotte Luisa |

Ohhh! You have a lot of self-control! The FAB beauty products are great for travelling! Although I don’t necessarily need those products (i.e. they are more suited for very sensitive skin), I like using them as they feel a lot more nourishing on the skin!

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