A Credit Card Binge at Sephora Spring’s Hottest Ticket/Chic Week sale.

Last month was a pretty crazy month in terms of shopping, and a-hauling new beauty products. My so-called discipline in spending money is an exercise in futility I tell you. Last month’s hauls included purchases from Sephora (all from the Sephora Spring’s Hottest Ticket/Chic Week sale which ended last week) and stuff from the drugstore. I’m splitting the haul into two parts because one post would be too lengthy to include everything. Let’s dive into the Sephora haul, shall we?


This was the smallest haul I’ve ever made during a sale, particularly from Sephora. The huge mark-up between the US/CA price, duties on online orders, as well as the fact that there is a friggin’ 13% tax on a 15% discount meant that there wasn’t as much savings as I hoped – ya’know what I mean? For your entertainment, I included my spreadsheet which, the analyst in me made me do to see how much money I’d save by shopping in Canada vs. US (including discounts, exchange rate and taxes).


My conclusion? The highest frequency occurs at $4-6 price difference. Most of the observations (including discounts and taxes) occur mostly at $4, $5, $6 – meaning that for most the products I’ve included in this analysis, there is a price difference around $4-6. Anything in the negatives mean that it’s actually CHEAPER to buy in Canada. It was also very interesting to see that brands like Givenchy, and Dior have the lowest price difference before and after discount.

I wrote about the private shopping event that Sephora hosted for VIB Rouge members. I managed to make it to the Bloor Store which I think was a fantastic decision (and thinking) on my part. Firstly, VIB Rouge members received a small makeup bag filled with samples. The makeup bag is quite nice – small and functional (unlike the tote from last year!) but the samples were somewhat disappointing. Despite the size of the samples, I still really appreciate Sephora for hosting this event, and I like that the sample selection was actually from high-end/pricier brands, allowing us to get a feel for those products before splurging on them.


A bag full of samples: 6 foil samples from: Algenist, Sephora, Fresh, Smashbox, Amore Pacific and a fragrance vial. I also received a number of deluxe-sized freebies with my purchase.

sephora-haul-samples-3Samples from the two events as well as a couple of free items fitted into the makeup bag.

sephora-haul-aprilA thank you card!? Nice touch ????

I think depending on which store you went to, you’ll have a vastly different experience. As I was checking out at the Bloor Store (with a measly $23 item including taxes – the Clinique Cheek Pop), I was given a couple more free items, including a Shiseido Shiseido White Lucent Moisturizer, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara and a Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash mascara. That was completely unexpected, and a very much nice surprise. The next day, I went to a different Sephora to pick up more stuff and received the same sample bag (same items), but this time, I was given a thank you card (nice touch!) and a complimentary brow service at Benefit’s Brow Bar (valued at $26) – what the what!? That was completely unexpected, and totally incentivized me to spend even more…


Onto the haul itself, my haul included the following:

  • CliniqueCheek Pops in Ginger Pop and Peach Pop ($24, available here)
  • TarteBe Mattenficent Palette ($43, sephora.ca, LE)
  • Make Up For EverHD Foundation in N120 ($49, available here)
  • Yves St LaurentRouge Pur Couture Vernis à’ Lèvres Glossy-Stain in 9 Rouge Laque ($38, available here)
  • 100 point perk redemption: AlgenistFirming & Lifting Cream ($115, available here) – valued at $28.75
  • Deluxe-sized Samples: Shiseido Shiseido White Lucent Moisturizer, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara and a Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash mascara

What about you? What did you purchase from Sephora Spring’s Hottest Ticket/Chic Week sale? What did you purchase recently?

Where did you find the Tarte palette?! I’ve been going bonkers trying to track one down!!

Hey you ???? I sent you an email about this! Let me know <3

Oh, and to answer your question, I got it at the Square One Sephora which I believe is sold out now ????

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who went a little craaazy during the sale! I hope you like the tarte palette! I didn’t give it the best review at first, but it’s quickly become one of my most used palettes!

You and I both! I am happy that this haul was quite tame and not as crazy as last year! This palette was tricky to work with initially, but I have really been liking it over time ????

I love the spreadsheet, it’s a nice touch! Good haul…I’m dying to try the Tarte palette!

Thank you! If I was spending a lot of money the least I could do is make sure that I am smart about spending that money! The spreadsheet helped a lot ????

It was so helpful to decide what I need and what I can skip! I’ve heard only good things about the Tarte palette, so I’m excited to dive into it!

Such lovely picks! I am so smitten with the Clinique Cheek Pops and I am very tempted by that Tarte palette ????

The Tarte palette seems to be a huge hit last holiday season! Glad to get my hands on them, but am hoping that Tarte will come out with more matte palettes like these for those who missed out ????

It was so hard to track down the Tarte palette and I am absolutely in love! The matte shades are perfect for everyday and work! I have yet to crack my Clinique blush open – it’s way too pretty to use up!

I just bought two items including the Clinique Berry Pop and Shiseido foundation. As you said, I am realizing these 10-15% sales are not much unless you spend a lot. It is quite enabling, though!

I agree – these sales can be so hyped up that you “feel” like you need something!

Omg, laughing at how organized you are. SPREADSHEETS? QURL U R ON A WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEAGUE HERE.
Definitely agree about the makeup bag being handier than the tote!!! Surprisingly, I actually REALLY REALLY like the makeup bag. It’s gorgeous.

I didn’t pick up too much from the sale, just a foundation and a blush (SURPRISINGLY). I’M TRYING TO CUT DOWN. GOTTA USE UP STUFF IN MY COLLECTION.

Yes, it was coming! Spreadsheets are my life ???? I love the makeup bag as well, and let’s be each other’s support system – too much makeup sitting unused right now in my drawer as well!

I made a few Sephora orders during the VIB sale because I just knew everything I wanted would be sold out in stores. Plus, the freebies weren’t a strong enough incentive to go through the trouble of going in stores. I’m pretty sure it was havoc on the first day up until the last of the Chic Week sale in Vancouver!

Good idea! I definitely agreed with the first part – I’m quite lucky that I’ve found “the” to go for these kinds of events!

The Clinique Cheek Pops are on my wishlist.

Good choice Jojo!

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