In-Flight Beauty Must Haves.

For someone who manages to use up all my vacation days by the half-way point during the year, you can probably guess that I spend a lot of time galivanting across the globe when I can. I’ve done 5 airports within 36 hours, slept at airports for two nights in a row – roughing it up during most of my travels – and spent too much time having my body sucked dry at 38,000ft above ground.

No matter the destination, my in-flight beauty routine rarely changes. I’m all about plenty of fluids / water to hydrate my body and that applies for my beauty routine: moisturize and hydrate as much as I can!

Aside from the beauty additions to keep me looking primped, I always prioritize my in-flight health – the start of looking good is feeling good! Despite the fact that plenty of airlines offer complimentary wines and the occasional beer as well as a wide selection of soda, I always stick to water or fruit juices to ensure that my body is in tip top shape when I land. For obvious reasons this also means that I don’t have to go to the washroom too often – really important when I’m always requesting the window seat! So when it comes to looking good in-flight, here are my little helpers!


Make Up Remover | BiodermaSensibio H20 Make Up Remover
I am guilty of applying my makeup like I would any other day before getting on my flight. The only exception is when I have a red-eye flight, and know that I’ll at least get 6 hours of sleep at which point, I’ll remove the makeup just after the meal and right before they turn the lights out. I know, so high-maintenance of me! While I would usually bring a pack of wipes, I don’t like the idea of tugging at my skin when it is exposed to such dehydrated conditions. Plus, it’s so bulky. Instead I’ll bring a small bottle of my Bioderma and a couple of cotton pads; while I like about this is because you can use it as a toner after you wake up in case you want to apply some makeup (i.e. concealer here and there).

Concealer/Powder | CHANELCC Cream & GivenchyTeint Couture
I avoid slapping my face with too much makeup in-flight, but if I’m really having a bad skin week and just need to cover up those spots and dark circles, I’ll bring my trustee Chanel CC Cream with its convenient packaging and skincare/makeup attributes in one. I also don’t trust packing this in my checked bag just in case the airport staff lost my luggage! I also pack setting powder because I go easy on the liquid complexion product. I use this only to set the areas where I’ve used a bit of concealer or CC cream, especially if I’m going somewhere really hot.

Water spray | AveneThermal Water Spray
I used to think this was a nice-to-have, too-high-maintenance-for-me kind of product until I brought it along on a whim. It does a great job at adding some moisture that actually gets absorbed and feels really refreshing. Plus, if your cabin is cold, spritzing a little bit of this feels like rejuvenating spa treatment at 38K above ground.

Hand Cream | BiodermaAtoderm Hand Cream
I’m not a fan of greasy hands or fingers but I know I wash my hands way too often and the result is cracked skin that gets worse (it can bleed) when it’s dry like in an airline cabin. I’ll apply this right before I go to sleep so that I don’t have to worry about getting greasy fingers on everything. plus this Bioderma formula is mighty impressive – it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave my skin as greasy as other skincare brands out there.

Moisturizer | AlgenistOvernight Restorative Cream
When I’m flying somewhere, I pull out the most intensely hydrating moisturizer I have and that happens to be the AlgenistOvernight Restorative Cream. A little goes a long way, and you can tell how much more hydrated your skin feels afterwards without feeling greasy or like it’s clogging your pores. It’s not the cheapest product in the market but I stocked up when Sephora was offering these as a freebie.

Tinted Lip Balms | BenefitPosiebalm & Benebalm
Chapped lips are the telltale of not taking proper care of your body from the dryness at 38K feet. Although I would normally stick with simpler products like a regular lip balm, having one that tints thus ensuring that I don’t have to pack an additional lipstick is space saving trick!

Rollerball | Victor & RolfFlowerbomb
I like to smell good after a long flight – there’s just something so glamorous when you step off the plane looking perky, and flawless with minimal to almost no makeup, but also smelling good. It’s just something that I like to apply to make me smile cause I know I smell good all day!

A Mirror
There’s been so many occasions where I wished I had a mirror with me to do touch ups or just to make sure I look good before stepping off my flight. It’s really good to also ensure you don’t have any food stuck between your teeth!

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Now it’s your turn! What’s your favourite in-flight beauty products? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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I do the same, take off makeup after meal and before last refreshment is served, I apply light makeup. Just not “brave” enough to remove all the makeup before boarding plane. The Algenist moisturizer sounds like a dream. Just hate the skin feeling tight afterwards feeling. Will have to put this on my wishlist.

I agree! I need a bit of coverage on the skin haha!! I definitely need that extra oomp of hydration on the plane!

Spray is definitely a must to hydrate skin!

Agreed – I was never a believer until I tried it myself!

This is a lovely selection! I always try to apply a clear hydrating mask during long flight! Xx
Alexandra | Glam O’Clock | Realash International GIVEAWAY

Great tips! For me, a lip balm is definitely a very important product for travel. Also, a good hand lotion never hurts!

Totally agree about staying hydrated on a flight! I love packing a warm pair of fuzzy socks to help me fall asleep. I find planes so cold!

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