How To Feel Fresh After A Long Flight

We all know that feeling once you step off the aircraft – the dry skin, dried up nose, stiff muscles and joints, and thirst – these are among many ways that your body is affected post-flight.

It’s not the most comfortable feeling and depending on how long your flight was (I’ve done a 14 hour direct flight, and I can tell you that it’s not something I’m eager to repeat!) you’re probably longing for a nice, hot long shower, and your warm bed immediately afterwards.

Whether it’s only a couple of hours or if you’ve just had a really long flight, here are a few tips on how you can feel fresh after a long flight!

1. Take Off Your Makeup!

If you’re like me and fly with a full face of makeup, you’re probably feeling pretty crappy immediately after. The altitude sucks every bit of moisture off your face, and it is not the most comfortable feeling. Take your makeup off, let your skin breathe a little (bonus if you packed your moisturizer or serum in your carry-on) and refresh your skin. Massage your cleanser/moisturizer to get the circulation going – which helps to relax the stiff muscle, and tired skin!

2. Shower!

Depending on the airport, there are lounges that offer shower facilities. When I had a long layover in London, UK, I made my way to one of the lounges at Heathrow and paid £10 for a 15-minute shower (Expensive I know, but so so worth it!) I had done a day trip and was walking around London for about 6 hours so I wasn’t smelling the best after all that sweat. Obviously being in a confined space for about 12 hours afterwards, I wanted to feel as fresh as possible and paying the price for the shower was worth every penny (or pence I suppose?)

3. Put On Some Deodorant

I never travel without a deodorant, and applying some just freshens me right up. If a shower isn’t possible, this is the next best thing! If you are allergic to deodorant, use unscented baby wipes instead!

A good tip is to avoid perfumes as the concentrated fumes can be overwhelming in a different altitude! I usually save the perfume for once I arrive!

4. Change Your Clothes and Undergarment

I always love the feeling of slipping into fresh, unworn clothes because it reminds me of home, and makes me feel clean instantly. Whether it be your undergarments (underwear and bra) or your top/jeans, this is an instant feel-good trick worth doing if you don’t want to pay for a shower, or forgot to pack deodorants.

5. Brush Your Teeth

That fresh breath, and “clean-mouth” feeling is another one of my long-flight survival trick!

6. Drink Lots of Water… and go to the washroom before boarding!

Flying for a long time deprives your body of water and the refreshing taste of water (bring your own empty bottle so you’re not overpaying for airport water bottles!) makes all the difference!

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How do you stay fresh after a long flight?

Oh man, I remember one time I was flying back to Toronto from HK, and we had a layover in Chicago. I didn’t realise my breath had smelled /that/ bad until I realised the woman next to me on the flight was avoiding me after a short conversation. I WAS LIKE, 14 THOUGH. WITH NO SOCIAL GRACE. So yeah, teeth brushing definitely helps on layovers after long flights.

I don’t bother applying makeup for flights because b r u h, no one sees me anyways. I figure I’d probably feel grossed out with the makeup mixing with dry air, especially if I’ll be sitting on flights longer than 4 hours.
As for staying fresh after long flights–a nap. If it’s bad, a shower.

Oh, I know the feeling – I feel so awful when I have just had food from the plane, sleep and don’t brush my teeth when I wake up. It’s my habit to bring a toothbrush with me everywhere I fly now! And a deodorant – doesn’t hurt!!

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