Best New Beauty Discoveries from 2018

A few weeks ago, I shared my favourite beauty products from this year – they are essentially the products that I purchase, use up, and feature regularly and would be the first items I’d recommend if someone were to ask me for specific product recommendations.

Since many of those products I featured are quite familiar to most readers, I think it’s equally helpful to show you my favourite products that I discovered this year. This post tends to be a good reminder for me to see how my preferences change / adjust over the years and feature new products that I don’t normally talk about as frequently.

Note, when I say “new” discoveries from 2018, I meant the year that I am introduced to it rather than referring to a product launch date!

Without further ado, let’s talk about my favourite products discovered in 2018!

Best New Beauty Discoveries from 2018.

The Skincare Discoveries

I have a long dislike for any type of exfoliants despite every skin therapist recommending me to try one. Every time I go for a facial and let them know I’m not one to use any sort of scrubs or exfoliants, I am immediately told to incorporate it into my routine. When I had a chance to trial the DermalogicaDaily Microexfoliant ($81, available here), a product I’ve been meaening to try for ages, I was sold. The rice-based powder is much gentler than the ones in the market so it’s much easier to use regularly on my skin. I’ve written a more in-dept review which I shall link you to.

I’ve been remiss in not including a toner in my daily routine until much later this year. I went on a toner spree and ended up splurging on a few. I am quite obsessed at this time, with two of them. The CaudalieMoisturizing toner ($34, available here) and the Body ShopRose Petal toner ($18, available here). Both are incredibly moisturizing toners and perfect for the winter season.

Best New Beauty Discoveries from 2018.

The Beauty Discoveries

I’ve talked a lot about skincare so perhaps I’ll throw in a couple of makeup products here as well. I’ve recently rediscovered the HourglassAmbient Lighting Powders again. I disliked the first one I tried, Dim Light. For some reason, I kept getting recommended to try out the Diffused Light ($55, available here) so I did and I think I’m slowly understanding what the hype is about. This isn’t a powder I would wear on a daily basis – only those special occasions with photographs as it is far too expensive for it.

NARS is a brand that I am slowly getting back into. I was never too loyal to it and haven’t really discovered much favourites from the brand. I recently gave the NARSClimax mascara ($34, available here) a go and this is quite the mascara for those with straight, short lashes. The volume, length and staying power that this mascara provided could really give a few favourites a run for their money.

In addition to the mascara, I’m also rediscovering my love for liquid lipstick/stains. The NARS Powermatte Lip Pigments ($32, available here) in the shade “Le Freak” is my favourite nude lip colour along with the Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain in #221 Chic Matte!

What are some of your favourite beauty discoveries from this year?

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