Beauty Products Getting a Second Love

I recently did a major beauty drawer cleanup and am stoked about rediscovering a bunch of products I had written off in the past. Being a beauty blogger and constantly being exposed to new products, it can be very easy to forget to use up a product after you’ve swatched or tested it the first time around.

A number of these brands will be very familiar to you and I hope they’ll encourage you to rotate your beauty stash and rediscover a few of your favourites along the way!

A beauty blogger's take on products deserving a second chance and the her top beauty products getting a second love this season and tips on making it work.

The AveneThermal Spring Water ($21.95, Beauty Boutique) is a product I kept regretting purchasing because all this is, is (thermal) water in a spray can. Who spends that kind of money? I remembered these thermal water sprays having a moment and never really understanding why they’re so popular and why they’ve got such rave reviews. It’s just water – right?

Well, I’ve been using it a lot lately and I am slowly changing my mind. The more practical use of these sprays is when you’re travelling, or in my case, have long flights and just need a pick-me-up that isn’t going to scare your neighbour. I’ve been using this when I wake up in the morning and don’t really want to wash my face just yet. I love using this after my workout and just really anytime during the day, I want to cool my skin without having to wash my entire face! It doesn’t bother my makeup so I’ve kept a spray bottle pretty much everywhere right now.

Also, when I was travelling through Cambodia, I kept this in the fridge while I was out. When I came home, spraying this all over my face and chest felt like the most incredible and refreshing thing! In the winter, I like to spray this before I put on my moisturizer – it just adds a little more hydration on the skin!

The CHANELSoleil Tan de Chanel is making a come back in my routine. I have a love-hate relationship with this product – some days, it gives me the most perfect bronze and on other days, it just looks so orange and overdone. It’s one of those high-maintenance item that doesn’t really work for me every season. I feel when I get a little lighter in the winter, this colour becomes the perfect match on my skin. I’m loving the look of this colour right now!

A beauty blogger's take on products deserving a second chance and the her top beauty products getting a second love this season and tips on making it work.

The Make Up For EverUltra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation has one of the best foundation formula – perfect for a quick errand or if you want to go all glam out. The only problem I have with it, is that it oxidizes and the range doesn’t have a great match to wear all over. I love using this as a spot concealer or to touch up on the go. It really applies beautifully and feels so lightweight on the skin, but manages to cover everything! It’s a super impressive foundation otherwise!

Staying on the Make Up For EverUltra HD Powder is another one of those products that I love to incorporate in my regular routine. I go through these powders frequently so it’s nice to have a backup. I am currently using up the loose-powder version which with the new redesign, makes it a convenient product to have at the vanity!

I’ve been using the ClarinsLip Comfort Oil on a regular basis and it really reminds me why I love it so much. It’s a comfortable lip oil that feels more like a gloss than oil but hydrates like crazy! I love how it sits on my lips and doesn’t just sit there. I like that it has a bit of a tint that’s natural-looking as well, so that any colour you wear underneath it can still shine through!

The last product I’m bringing back to my routine again is the NYXTaupe Blush – it’s a matte grey-taupe colour that I love to sculpt the skin. It doesn’t get picked up all that well on the brush making it a much more forgiving product than most sculpting products that cost 2-3x as much!

What are some of the products you’re giving a second love to?

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