What’s in my Sephora Basket | VIB Rouge Sale Edition.

I am sure that like many, I have hundreds of items in my Sephora Love List that is just begging to be purchased. As I was logging into my blog, I noticed that three posts have moved up to take the top spots in the most-viewed pages over the last week:

  1. Sephora VIB Sale 2015 Haul.
  2. Sephora VIB Rouge Event | Beauty After Hours
  3. Sephora VIB Rouge Reception Event – Canada (2-4x Points Event).

Like, you guys! Y’all make me blush with all these attention to my consumerism.

In all honesty though, I hadn’t plan to put together any kind of shopping list nor a recommendation list because I feel like everyone is already doing it. However, looking at my stats tells me otherwise, and I spent a long time reading through old blog posts and looking up shopping ideas, so I thought I’d put together a fun shopping list for you!


The Limited Edition / Seasonal Releases

Generally the Fall season is the time of the year when all the beauty industry’s best releases are launched. Think of breakthrough products, new innovations and the likes – not just range extension, or colour extension! Plus, this is the season for gift-giving and limited-edition holiday-centric sets, which means that you get more value for your buck! So get your holiday-shopping done early (so that you’re not scrambling at the very last minute like I always do!) with a 20% discount to boot! All that money you saved? You could definitely sneak in another tiny little purchase for yourself!

I spend a lot of time looking through the Just Arrived and Gifts sections on Sephora.ca to give me some shopping inspiration!

Stock up on Essentials

Looking at my wishlist, I realized a lot of things I wanted to buy are the essentials I need to stock up on. Look through some of your old blog posts to see what your favourite items were, or go through your old shopping list (i.e. the Purchased section on the Sephora site) and see if you are running low on anything. Even if you’re not really in need of stocking up on anything, it could be a good idea to replenish anything that you use regularly so that you can save a little bit of money in the long-run.

Try Something New

Is there an even better time in the year when you can let yourself try something new, because it’s on sale? Exactly! When else will you have the opportunity to buy Dior, Burberry, Make Up For Ever, Marc Jacobs, among many other brands, with a 20% discount? A good place to start to figure out what’s worth trying could be a website like Temptalia, however my favourite sites to discover something new remains the blogs I read! I’ll spend some time going through product reviews like the popular monthly favourites series and paying particular attention to anything that really stands out (especially if it consistently shows up on other blog posts as a favourite product, and not a sponsored-type of post or similar!)

Guilt Free Shopping? Gifts Under $30

Maybe you have a huge stash to get through or maybe you have spent quite a bit at Sephora already so you feel like you need to tone it down a little. Here are some recommendations of products that are either under $30 or something you can split so that you don’t have to feel like you spent that entire $30 on yourself!

My List

I won’t lie, I think my list is a little bit on the boring side – a lot of it is going to be replenishments, but take a peek anyways and let me know if there’s anything that piques your interest!

VIB Rouge Sale Details

Use code ROUGE20 between November 6-9th on any in-store or online purchases. VIB Rouge (Canadian) are also invited to take part in a special private shopping event on November 5th.

Are you shopping this Sephora sale? What will you be purchasing?

The Sephora Favorites Extend Your Style looks like such a great set – I’m pretty addicted to dry shampoos and texturising sprays at the moment, so the whole bunch of minis are right up my alley! The price isn’t too bad either ????

I haven’t had the most luck with drugstore brand dry shampoos so I’m eager to get my hands dirty with this set ???? Is there a particular brand you would recommend?

My favourite for dry shampoo is the Klorane one with oat milk. Simply put, it’s the best!

Thank you for posting this because I’ve been wanting to purchase some new things during the sale but I’m out of ideas on what to get. I think I might buy the Clinique blush.

Kelly // Perfect Shade of Mauve

I got the dry shampoo kit as well, great deal after the 20% off! The dry bar one alone is $16.50?!

I agree – it’s been constantly sold out so I’m sure plenty of people are thinking the same thing! It’s absolutely worth the price!

You’re very welcome ???? The Clinique blush is one of my favourite formula – nothing like that powder to gel formulation! Do you which colour you want to get?

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