The Repurchase List #1 | Drugstore Edition.

I admit it. I’m that person who buys 20 bottles of the same thing when I discover that I’ve fallen completely in love with it. I’m also that person who stalks multiple Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, etc if my favourite product is on sale. I’m sorry if that results in you finding that product out of stock on shelf when you want to buy it. No, I mean it. I really am sorry because I have this compulsive need to have 20 bottles of backups.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – once I’m loyal to a product, I’m loyal to a fault. I was really surprised at how many items from the drugstores I actually repurchase so often that I’ve become that girl at my local Shoppers Drug Mart that all the beauty consultants/cashier knows. Here are some my favourites.


Don’t get me started on the L’Oreal Sublime Micellar Water. This budget version of my all time favourite Bioderma Micellar Water is liquid gold – it removes everything: from full-coverage foundation, waterproof makeup, lipstains, etc, without much effort or stinging. If this product can get a restraining order, it would because every time this goes on sale for anywhere lower than $7, I am all over it. As in, I buy 10+ bottles. Just in case of makeup apocalypse. As of my last count, I have 28 bottles in my stash. Is that scary or what?

The Annabelle Twist Up Lip Pencils are another one of those high-end duplicates without the price tag. Although not much of a bargain buy (you can ready why on my review), this set of lipstick pencil is seriously a very, very good value compared to most lip pencils in the drugstores. It is creamy, hydrating, long-lasting and the colour selection is so varied! My all-time favourite shade is Naked!

The Maybelline Fit Me concealer was initially not much of a love story. After finding that the foundation was a bit of a dud, I skipped the entire range, thinking that the rest of the products would be equally as bad. I was wrong. This concealer is lightweight, and barely there, but packs a punch when it comes to covering up everything. Even on your bad skin days.


Got2B Smooth Hair Lotion is the one product that’s going to get me banned from the drugstore some day. When this baby is on sale, I stock up at least five bottles of it because it gets my hair through the roughest of the rough! Taming tangles, defrizzing hair, making my hair looks somewhat appropriate when I’m late in the morning – these are just few reasons why you need to give this a try if you haven’t!

The Tangle Teezer is another must have – like you need to go out and buy one now. I’ve written a pretty comprehensive review on it already, and why you should purchase it online rather than at Sephora. Guys. For realz though. I convinced my tomboy-ish, I-couldn’t-care-less-about-beauty-regimen friends AND siblings to get one each. You need to have one too.

I’m not usually into celebrity fragrances but the Britney Spears Curious have been a favourite of mine for years! I wear it primarily during the spring and the summer as it feels more appropriate to wear it during those seasons.


Just because they’re drugstore doesn’t mean they’re not good enough. They tend to be just as good (at least more accessible) or even superior than other high-end products!

Now it’s your turn! What is on your must-have/repurchase list? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

Great list!
I’m still waiting the L’Oreal Micellar water to be available here. ;-(

I thought it was already available in the US! Definitely keep an eye out – this is so worth every penny!

Nice picks! I just received some of the Annabelle Twist-Ups and can’t wait to give them a go! Some of my continuous drugstore repurchases are Revlon ColourStay foundation, Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker, and Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eye Pen ????

They are fab fab! Great alternative for the more expensive Bite Beauty! Colourstay used to be my favourite foundation – I think they’ve reformulated and it breaks me out now!

I think I’ll have to take you up on the Tangle Teezer! My hair is thin and gets tangled up really really easily and that’s just the worst feeling. I’ve heard about it for a while but I’m really not sure why I never got around to purchasing it!

I convinced my tomboy-ish sisters to purchase this and pretty much everyone else at work/school to get one! It’s so worth the money!

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