Why The Tangle Teezer is a Must-Have in Your Beauty Bag.

There are only few products that I have tried that excited me enough and work so well, to immediately result in the abandonment of my much adored, highly specific favourites. The Tangle Teezer ($14.99-$25, available here), guys. You need to have it. Like, I am accepting your thanks in advance, because this piece of magic is going to change your life. And you can name your first child after me too. I almost want to go out on the street and hand out the Tangle Teezer – “A tangle teezer for you. And for YOU. And YOU. A tangle teezer for everybody!” It’s like a potent combination of magic, and unicorn dust that will solve, and fix the mess that is your mane.


Bottom Line [5/5]: Compact, travel-friendly, works like a charm, and super inexpensive, it does everything from: combing, de-frizzing, and taming my hair, even post wash!

I have a very thick, dry hair, often not properly cared for, and damaged from intensive hair colouring, and straightening. You can probably imagine, my hair post-wash is not the prettiest sight – much less being manageable. My only workaround to managing my hair after wash is to apply a generous heap of the Got2B Smooth Operator Lustre Lotion which is the reason I stock up on this item like there’s about to be a hair apocalypse when it’s on sale. After smoothing the Got2BSmooth Operator Lustre Lotion all over, I let it air dry, not even bothering to brush through it because it will end up with more hair grief.


I’ve ignored the Tangle Teezer for as long as possible, because I couldn’t help but be skeptical. Really? This little plastic brush that looks like it belongs in Dollarama – no offence, I’m not a Dollarama-hater by any means! – and should cost no more than $5 is going to change my life? It doesn’t help that it wasn’t readily available in Canada and costed a fair bit of money too. I watched as this product reaped industry awards, one after another. After a while, curiosity got the best of me, so I finally ordered one. Sephora has this available online and in-store for a whooping $25. The version that Sephora has is the “compact” one which comes with a protective cover. If you don’t care about that kind of extra, and value cost over frills, I’ll let you in on a little secret – Nail Polish Canada has the originalTangle Teezer for only $14.99 – that’s an $11 difference, and almost enough to buy you a second “original” one. They also carry the compact version (Sells for $25 at Sephora, and $21 on Nail Polish Canada). They may not have as many colours available as Sephora does, but as long as they have the adorable pink, I’m good.

I don’t really understand what kind of sorcery and spell were placed on the Tangle Teezer but it is seriously magic. I don’t put any effort into brushing my hair anymore simply because the Tangle Teezer does the job so efficiently, and effectively. There are 2 lengths/heights to the tooth of the brush, and can be used on dry or wet hair. I’ve done it both ways, and I’ve completely forgotten about the rest of my hair brushes. The brush de-tangles, and de-frizz my hair, resulting in the most manageable, silky smooth hair with the least amount of effort. Plus, this tangle teezer is ergonomic: designed to fit into the palm of your hands.

Why The Tangle Teezer Beats Out Your Hair Brush



This “original” version is about the same size as my palm – easy to grip!

Firstly, it’s plastic, so minimal cleaning effort is required. Maybe, once in a while, you’ll want to do a quick rinse with some shampoo to clean any hair product buildup between the bristles. And leave it to dry – it doesn’t get anymore complicated than that. If I can reduce the amount of work I have to do to clean up my beauty arsenal, I’ll take it.

Secondly, it will last you a long long time.

Third, it will change your life. Believe me – I’m already ordering my 3rd one as a back up. And… I convinced my super tomboy-ish sisters who wear statement cotton shirts and have little care for grooming/beauty to get one each. If that’s not conviction, I don’t know what. For $15, I’ll keep one or two handy – just in case.

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried The Tangle Teezer? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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