Stila in the Light Palette | Review.

I can never quite resist a good neutral eyeshadow palette, particularly when the colours in it are wearable on my skintone, and is the solution to perpetual mornings of sleeping in. When you combine a discounted price and 20% off on top of it, I was a goner. I placed the order without doing any research or look up swatches – something I never, ever do!

This is one of those purchases where I can truly say, “I would gladly pay more money for this!” Not that I ever would in reality, but that should give you an idea as to how good this palette is! I don’t know what about the packaging that is so unique, but looking at this palette makes me smile. Maybe it’s the stars on the lookbook or the classically Stila cardboard-packaged product – something about the set just gets me.

The Stilain the Light Palette ($24, features 10 neutral eyeshadows ranging from matte to satin finishes. At a glance, this is probably not the most exciting palette to look at, but is perfect for gals who like those understated, subtle looks for everyday wear. Or for anyone starting out with makeup. I know I would be really pleased if I got one of these for Christmas!


Encased in a chic, slim beige cardboard palette, the set also includes a full-sized brown eyeliner. The quality and texture in this palette is phenomenal – more similar the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows in terms of texture and pigmentation than to my MAC and NARS eyeshadows. It’s not as soft as the eyeshadows from Lorac or It Cosmetics so it’s great to not have to worry about the fallouts.

The colours doesn’t lean on either end of the warm/cool spectrum – to me the shades included fall perfectly in the middle. This palette features an excellent combination of colours, from the beiges, charcoal, gold and browns without being too similar to many existing palettes. The colour combination makes it wearable on many different skintones and the colours not only complement each other, but would likely work well with the ones already in your collection.


Bare // Kitten // Bliss // Sunset // Sandstone

stila-in-the-light-palette-5Bubbly // Gilded Gold // Luster // Night Sky // Ebony


The colours in the palette can be worn wet or dry, though I only use them dry (and swatches featured were swatched dry). Even without the primer, the quality of the eyeshadow is impeccable. Included in the set, is a look book that provides you with a couple of combination and ideas for different looks you can create with the palette. The retractable eyeliner pencil “Damsel” is one where the pigmentation will leave you speechless.

Despite the similarities in colours between this and the Urban Decay Naked palette, there’s still some subtle differences. While Urban Decay’s eyeshadows in that palette looks more earthy, this one is a lot more subtle and I find the finish to be preferable than to the UD one since this the looks I’ve achieved with it looks so much more effortless, and imparts the impression of “I woke up like this”.

I hadn’t really expected myself to like this palette so much. Despite never having tried much of Stila’s product range before, I find myself quite intrigued with their eyeshadows and other eye makeup products.

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried Stila’s eyeshadow range before? Did you get a chance to purchase this palette during the Sephora sale? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

I am a big lover of this palette and especially love the eyeliner that comes with it. Like you said, I would have happily paid more!
Leanne xx

We definitely got lucky with being able to find this at a deal!

I don’t own this palette, but I did own the purple palette in this collection. I ended up giving it to a friend, but the shadows were really pretty. I just didn’t use it as often as I thought I would. But THIS palette, the neutrals, I think I would use. ???? But I missed it during the sale — darn!

It was a palette where I wafled a little bit, but justified buying since I ended up selling my UD Naked palette which I didn’t end up using as often!

Ah, I’ve been tempted by this palette for ages! The shade selection is amazing. Glad you’re liking it! xo

It’s one of those that I would not have otherwise purchased without it being on sale! Heard it was a dupe for the UD palette, so into the basket it went!

Such a great price for all those colors! How do you wear the blues? I like the idea of these type of grownup blues but I’m not good at incorporating them into my routine.

The blue is more charcoal so it’s slightly more wearable than if it was outright blue! Haven’t worn this shade unless I was going out to be honest!

This is so pretty omg. I really want it… (Not that I need more neutral palettes)

I seriously love this palette for the champagne-y shimmery shades, but I’m not sure how it compares to the Naked palette! To me they’re greatly different, though I haven’t swatched them side-by-side yet. Kinda sad I paid full price for it (IT’S GOOD, BUT WHY PAY MORE WHEN YOU CAN JUST PAY LESS) but you scored A PRETTY AMAZING DEAL.

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