Stila Big Shots Redux Eye Set

Stila is one of those brands that I have a love-hate relationship. Their Stay All Day Eyeliner is a staple product for me and the opportunity to not only stock up on my favourite eyeliner as well as trying out a full-sized mascara that has tons of positive reviews online meant that the StilaBig Shots Redux Eye Set ($33, available here) was a no-brainer purchase when the Sephora Holiday sale began!

The StilaBig Shots Redux Eye Set is one that I’d seen similar to last year’s holiday launch so it must have been an incredibly popular one to get repeated. I know a bit about putting together value sets like these thanks to my prior work experience as a marketer for a massive beauty brand and to see a product do so well to be worth repeating is quite an accomplishment!

If you’re not sure if this is the right product for you, Stila released the exact same set but in a mini version which retails for around C$10 less on!

If you're a fan of Stila's Stay All Day Eyeliner, you'll want to get your hands on the Stila Big Shots Redux set - a limited edition set for the holidays!

The StilaBig Shots Redux Eye Set comes with 2 full-sized products, the Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner has been a product I’ve purchased over and over again since 2013 – to be loyal for over 5 years to a single product is quite something! Also included in this set is the HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara ($30, available here).

The value of this set is pretty unbeatable especially if you’re a fan of the eyeliner or the mascara. The eyeliner is a favourite for its unbeatable formula – it doesn’t smudge, lasts a very long time (even when going out to party) as well as its fine-tip applicator which makes a cat-eye or fancy flicks easy-to-achieve even for beginners.

This eyeliner is actually one that I would highly recommend for beginners – it’s sufficiently easy to manoeuvre and handle to achieve precise flicks/wings. I love this applicator enough that after the formula is long gone, I still use it to apply gel-based or other liquid eyeliners where I dislike the applicators!

If you're a fan of Stila's Stay All Day Eyeliner, you'll want to get your hands on the Stila Big Shots Redux set - a limited edition set for the holidays!

The mascara is new to me but I’ve had sufficiently positive experience with it. It really fans out your lashes in a way that delivers volume without any clumping. It’s got a slightly curved wand to better deposit the product on the lashes, and I like the “fanned out” effect it gives without depositing too much. I do find that this mascara can smudge if you over-apply it and setting your makeup, especially the eye area with a setting spray appears to help massively with the smudging.

Overall, if you’re a fan of any of the included product, the StilaBig Shots Redux Eye Set is a great steal. For $3-4 more, you’re getting a full-sized second item! The set itself is available (at least in Canada) at Sephora (online only) and Shoppers Drug Mart. I haven’t seen it at other Canadian retailers so drop me a note if you find it at your local retailer!

Have you tried any of the two Stila products featured here?

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