Postcard From | New York 2015.

I recently wrapped up a quick getaway to New York City over a long weekend, my fifth time in the last year alone but it always feels like I’m always discovering something new each time. I’m incredibly lucky that this time around I was accompanied by my sister (and my best friend, haha) who has never been to New York before. I immediately signed up to be her tour guide – a chance to visit New York should never be wasted, am I right?

The highlight from this trip was all the food which I’ll write about and post separately. I was so thrilled to play tour guide and bring her to some of my favourite places in New York. Since I didn’t want to blow up our budget due to the less than favourable exchange rate ($1.2-$1.3), I was being cognizant of not spending money on the “tourist traps” and instead using my past experiences, advice from friends and former Airbnb hosts, I was able to take her all around New York, and its highlights without having to spend any (or too much) money.


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A lot of the places we hit up were on my list of 10 Things to do in New York Anytime of the Year, and although we were both sore and exhausted by the end of each day, I couldn’t be more thrilled about how perfectly each day went! I think this trip also reminds me of how much I dislike travelling in the summer because the heat can really suck up all your energy within 10 minutes of being outside! Plus I dislike being in crowded spaces for too long so I was pretty much eager to get a respite from the heat and constant battle of getting through the throngs of people.

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Finding the Bite Beauty Lab as well as the Birchbox HQ almost did me in, but knowing that the Sephora points event was coming up and knowing that I was planning to splurge a little meant that I walked as quickly away from it as I possibly can. One of my favourite surprises going to Sephora was not only the new makeup, but the free wifi!! I no longer have to stuff myself with unnecessary calories at Starbucks, but I can now enjoy free wifi while browsing the various amazing selection of beauty products at Sephora!

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Now it’s your turn! Have you been to New York? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

Lovely photos! I have always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge- planning to on my next trip! And I always love to spend time in Washington Square Park ????

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