Make Up For Ever | Artist Shadow Swatches Round Up.

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows ($21, available here) is a rarity in the beauty world, and I’ve talked about it quite often on the blog. It is one of the brand’s biggest launch of 2015 and rightly so due to its stellar quality, and incredibly range of features which you can find thoroughly listed in previous reviews I’ve done on the blog here, here and here.

Make Up For Ever | Artist Shadow Swatches Round Up.

To keep costs low, a lot of brands add cheap, unnecessary ingredients or fillers. That means while you may be paying $20 for an eyeshadow, it actually costs only $1 to make. Working in the CPG industry gives me a lot of exposure to working with manufacturers and the pressure on margins companies everywhere face.

When you read that Make Up For Ever’s Artist Shadows is made up of an impressive 88% of pure pigments (the actual colour) than other fillers, I was far more willing to part with my money for it. Aside from the impressive ingredients list, you’ll find an equally inspiring, and jaw-dropping variety and colour availability in 5 different finishes. I couldn’t quite comprehend or get it in my head how they managed to pull off a reformulation of over 200+ colours when I struggle with doing far less.

Available in five finishes (matte, satin, metal, iridescent, and diamond) and colours for the less-adventurous to the “I want every colour under the rainbow” this is a range worth checking out if you are building your collection. The “build your own” palette concept ensures that you only buy colours that you want (not because it looks good on someone else therefore it must look good on everyone).

Make Up For Ever | Artist Shadow Swatches Round Up.

Make Up For Ever | Artist Shadow Swatches Round Up.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow M870 // I544 // S835 // I526 // I808 // S748

Make Up For Ever | Artist Shadow Swatches Round Up.

Make Up For Ever Andrea Pejic Palette I526 // I662 // I544 // D652

Make Up For Ever | Artist Shadow Swatches Round Up.

Make Up For Ever x Fifty Shades of Grey | Give It To Me Artist Shadow Swatches: I514, ME612, S556, and I628

As I am a big fan of the Artist Shadows and it can be somewhat difficult to find good swatches of the product, I figure that I would share with you swatches from my collection of colours. I hope you find this helpful!

Have you tried the Make Up For Ever artist shadow? What colours are your favourites?

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  • oh those swatches are so pretty! I’m glad they are mostly pigment and not fillers! I will have to try this product out!

  • I’ve never paid much attention to makeup ingredients but after reading your post I think I really should. Loving the colors you picked and the swatches look beautiful! Will need to check them out in Sephora next time!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • It’s one of those extremely awesome launches and I was so surprised at how much “slime” are in these formula!!

  • Funnily enough, I’m a big fan of MUFE’s empty palettes but I’ve never tried any of their shadows before. I’m actually surprised at the swatches because I didn’t expect them to look so creamy!

    Becky @ star violet

    • They are increible for the price! Unlike most companies, about 80% of the formula is actually pigments, which makes these eyeshadows extremely pigmented and very easy to work with! Great for any beginners or experienced users to grow their collection! Are there any colours you are interested in trying out first?

      • Fillers aren’t that bad actually – they’re needed for various things like keeping the pigment together or helping the shadow adhere to the eye. I’ve worked with cosmetic pigments many years ago and on their own, they’re very powdery and can be patchy and pretty much unusable as eyeshadows. I’m most interested in the colorful ones since I love doing colorful makeup! But I’m also looking at a few that can double up as contour shades when I’m traveling.

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