Ellie Goulding x MAC Lipsticks.

I first wrote about purchasing this collection a while ago but I’ve re-discovered my favourite Ellie Goulding x MAC Lipsticks favourites so I figured I’d write another post on it!

It’s no secret that MAC makes some of my favourite lipstick formula’s. Incentivized with the B2M recycling program, I am a regular visitor and shopper at my local MAC counter, always hitting up the newest and latest colours to add to my collection.

It wasn’t until my recent purchase of several lipsticks from the Ellie Goulding x MAC Cosmetics collaboration that I discovered two additional nude lipstick favourites to share with you.

New MAC Creamsheen Lipstick Favourites | The Nudes.

Ellie Goulding x MAC Lipsticks.

Aside from the rose gold/black themed packaging that just hits all the right note, I have been a huge fan of MAC’s creamsheen formula for the longest time as they strike the right balance between pigmentation and comfort. Both colours from the collection have this finish and has quickly moved up the ranks and coming close to replace Shy Girl as an all-time favourite lip colour.

MAC Only You Lipstick is more coral-toned and leans warmer on my skin so it’s perfect for everyday. When I first swatched this colour, I almost immediately thought of a Tom Ford coral lipstick that has been on my wishlist for some time. MAC Without Your Love Lipstick is a little more baby-pink and comes off sheerer on my lips, almost leaning towards nude-like on the lips.

New MAC Creamsheen Lipstick Favourites | The Nudes.

Wearing MAC Only You Lipstick

New MAC Creamsheen Lipstick Favourites | The Nudes.

Wearing MAC Without Your Love Lipstick

Although these colours are limited edition, MAC carries such a wide range of colours that I am sure these colours are highly dupe-able, either from MAC or even drugstore brands to choose from. I’m truly digging the triangle/EG embossing on the lipsticks right now because they are reminding me a lot of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows…

New MAC Creamsheen Lipstick Favourites | The Nudes.

Swatches: MAC Revved Up Patentpolish // MAC Without Your Love Lipstick // MAC Only You Lipstick

Have you tried MAC’s creamsheen lipsticks?

I love both of these shades, they look like the perfect nudes!

xx, The Makeup Feed

I agree – I love that these “nudes” are not beige based which can get overwhelming after a while! Do you have any favourite nude shades I should check out next?

Haha, the packaging actually reminds me of edm, which I think fits Ellie Goulding perfectly :p I’ve been such a big fan of the cremesheen formulas lately, I love a lip that can be worn without too much effort and wears off without having to worry about touching up.

Becky @ star violet

I love creamsheen formulas the most out of MAC’s lipstick range as well! They deliver the right amount of colour and “glossiness” in the finish that it looks appropriate for pretty much any occasion!

Stephanie | theFantasia.com

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