Dior Nude Air Illuminating Powder | Glowing Gardens Collection.

Raise your hand if you occasionally buy products just because they look pretty in the pan. Come on. Don’t be shy – this is the judgement-free zone.

I admit, I do that quite often. And I’m a sucker for value, and consider myself a “smart” shopper who only buys well-researched products. And you know what, being a sucker for these product marketing hurts when it comes to purge the collection of unnecessary stuff.

One of the most beautiful beauty products I’ve ever come across is the DiorNude Air Illuminating Powder ($64, available here) from the limited edition 2016 Spring Glowing Gardens collection. There are two limited edition shades that were released, #001 Glowing Pink, a cool-toned, off-white shade with a pink undertone and #002 Glowing Champagne, a light champagne gold shade for darker skintones.

With its a mother-of-pearl kind of sheen, it was bound to be a best-seller.



We know that Dior does highlighters really well. Anyone remember the days of the Amber Diamond highlighter? I remembered wanting one but couldn’t justify the $90 price tag on ebay… It was one of my “one that got away”

I’m a beauty blogger (Seems kind of silly to repeat) and I’ve own and have gone through a lot of products. Pretty packaging and beautiful designs no longer impress me as much.

Dior is no exception – you can’t deny that there is a lot of thought that goes into each product and its packaging. I love the extra thought of making the compact is heavier and embossed with a quilting design similar to the Dior Lady bag. The product comes with a kabuki brush and a velvet pouch should you wish to travel with it.

I think the extra pieces are a nice touch, but I wouldn’t necessarily reach for the brush to apply the products. I feel that the density of the brush would lead to picking up too much of the product resulting in over-application. I think it is still a thoughtful and premium experience, you would just have to be more controlled in the application. I have been using my Real Techniques Fan Brush (other similar brushes also suffice) and occasionally, my fingers to apply the product. Since it’s quite pigmented, you definitely pick up quite a bit of product.


Swatches (L-R): Dior Nude Air Illuminating Powder #001 // Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Bronze in Highlight // Hourglass Ambient Strobe Powder in Incandescent Light

On my NC25 skintone, the colour is just right, a touch too white for my tanned complexion post-Mexico, but just right when I’m not as dark. There’s a fine shimmer and a mother-of-pearl sheen finish which lends itself well to looking invisible and blending into the skin, rather than sitting on top of the foundation/powder.

The swatch above is a heavy handed swatch with more layers than necessary to show off the texture. I would not come close to putting this much powder on my skin as you don’t need that much product to show off that pretty face of yours!

The powder is finely milled, and just the right texture that doesn’t sit or feel powdery on my skin. That flawless and lit-from-within glow definitely comes off when you step out in the natural light. That’s where you’ll see that true glow coming off from all the high points on your face where you’ve applied the highlighter. I know, something like this is best seen and experienced first hand rather than explained!

At $64 a piece, this product is a serious investment and one worth taking a long, hard look at. The product is undeniably going to give you lots compliments, when you wear it or for when friends come over and admire your collection. It it was $20 less, I would not hesitate in purchasing the second shade in a heart-beat, but for now, I think I’m quite happy about not having to deal with another one that got away!

Which product are you most interested in trying out? What do you think of this garden-inspired range?

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Oh my gosh it’s so beautiful, I love the embossing on it! I’d probably not use it for a year just so I could stare at it like that. Out of the three swatches you did I actually like the Dior one the best, the shimmer particles seem just right and not as chalky (is that the right word?).

Sally ~ DiagonSally

I am totally a sucker for beautiful packaging. This one is just too pretty! I was contemplating between this one and the Chanel and picked the Chanel one as it is slightly less shimmery from swatches I see online. The effect of the Chanel one is more subtle. I am still admiring how beautiful this Dior is. I know I will be kicking myself once it is sold out. Decision decision…..

*raises hands*
Like you I consider myself a savvy shopper who weighs out pros and cons and thinks about value. More so these days I am less taken by pretty packaging, but it still happens on occasion. The absolute worst is when you can’t find a justification because the product doesn’t match the quality of the packaging.

I LOOOOVE this highlighter! It’s so pretty, but I’m having a hard time using it because the imprinting is so pretty, haha.

Pretty as it is, I just don’t think I’d use it much. So spending this amount of money on it would be silly for me.

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