Dior Beaute Haul.

I promised to share with you what I picked up using the Hudson’s Bay gift card that I got for attending the Beauty Trend Report event. A quick recap for those of you who missed my coverage/recap post of the event, I paid $25 for a ticket to the event, and that $25 went towards a gift card which I could redeem for cosmetic/fragrance purchases at The Bay that day. I thought this arrangement was a great incentive to create buzz and traffic both at the event, and for the counters! We get to attend an informative event, meet Dave Lackie, receive a swag bag and use the ticket towards new products we want to try out.



Try out I did, driving home with a new Dior Beauté skincare set! This isn’t much of a haul since I only purchased one item, a gift set, but I am so darn excited to share anyhow! I’ve always wanted to invest in skincare from high-end brands; I feel that they are worthwhile and I personally believe that the ingredients, and innovation are worth the investment. When it comes to skincare, I’m enamoured by French skincare brands and products. I just find the products, whether skincare or beauty, or from both the pharmacie, and beauty counters, to work so effectively for me.

Before I splurged on this set, I got to try the products at the counter. I had a full-face makeover by a very amazing sales associate, Caron, who used each of these skincare products before the makeup. A side note: props to the Dior counter ladies for not being pushy and try to sell me everything. I had a girl from the YSL counter (Who I hoped was new), who basically did a slap job and tried to sell me an entire makeup routine (I tried telling her that I was a beauty blogger and have way more makeup than I need) and did not take the cue when I told her that I wasn’t interested in any of the products she was offering. I bolted from there before she could wrestle my credit card for $400 worth of YSL products. Being pushed semi-harassed to buy expensive makeup is never a fun experience!

But I digress. My skin has been looking incredibly dull, and layering makeup on top of a very tired-looking, and dull skin is never the right solution. Even before any makeup was applied, the difference in how my skin looked was quite visible: healthier and hydrated. The other benefit about the products in this set is that you can continue to use your existing skincare products in your routine, so you won’t have to change your routine to accommodate these products.



The gift set that I purchased is an exclusive at The Bay; unfortunately, I cannot find it online (even on The Bay website), so you’ll have to check it out at the counter yourself. However, here are the details on the DiorOne Essential: Intense Skin Detoxifying and Booster Ritual set which costs a whooping $143. That sounds like a lot of money, and believe me, it is (At least, I’ll look pretty when broke), but again, I believe in investing in your skin when you’re young.

Price/Value Breakdown

The set comes with the following items:

  • DiorOne Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum 1.7oz/50mL ($135, available here); full-sized
  • DiorCapture Totale Multi-Perfection Concentrated Serum for Face and Neck 0.23oz/7mL ($145, available here); deluxe-size: $33.35 value
  • DiorCapture Totale Multi-Perfection Crème for Face & Neck 0.52oz/15mL ($160, available here); deluxe-sized: $39.62 value
  • DiorCapture Totale Dreamskin 0.23oz/7mL ($115, available here); deluxe-sized; $25.3 value

Total value: $233.27

From the price breakdown, this set has a value of $233.27, way more what I paid for it! Since I had the $25 gift card, I ended up having to pay $136 including taxes (-cringes-). If you have been a follower of my blog, you will know that I love value sets – I love trying out several products without having to purchase them separately and make a commitment to the full-sized version. Especially with skincare, when you don’t know if a product is going to work for you or not, a value set is a great way of trying out the products without the price commitment! In the case of this set, I am getting the full-size bottle of the DiorCapture Totale One Essential 1.7oz/50mL ($135, available here) and getting 3-deluxe sized products for only $8 more! These deluxe-mini’s look like they can last me 2 weeks at the very least. I won’t refute that this purchase made a huge dent in my wallet but I am crazy excited for it!

With my purchase, I received a small Dior cosmetic bag (the black on in the picture) and a mascara sample. A little disappointing for the money I just spent, but I suppose if you work at these high-end beauty counters at Yorkdale, a $150 purchase is considered on the low-end of the spectrum. Despite that, I quite like the black makeup bag; the length of it makes the bag perfect for toting around your makeup brushes!


Here are the description of the products included here; I’ll be doing a review of these once I get around to use them for some time!

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried any Dior skincare products? Do you have any particular favourites that you think we should know about? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

It was a long time ago but I had used a whole skincare line from Dior. I eventually found other lines that worked better for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything. They worked so much better than Chanel, for example.
Your haul looks sensible not to mention it is a great value. Hope everything works well for you! ????

Ohh, maybe you can advise me on what to pick up next! It’s been a great start with Dior but I definitely want to get to know more!

Pricey for sure, but a great way to test out several goodies at once- they look very luxurious ????

Pricey but crossing my fingers that it will be worthwhile!

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