Collective Sephora Haul.

There was this one week a couple of months ago where I caught a cold, and my first order of business was to go to the Sephora website and made an order. No, I’m pretty sure it was two orders. Anyhow, I had actually shut off the computer, pop some meds, and head to bed. Next thing I know, I was sneaking in boxes into the house. Oops?

Okay, so this Sephora haul isn’t that big, but I kept changing my mind about what to get, and ordered one item per order. I’m sure it must have driven the folks at the Sephora warehouse semi-crazy, but it kind of made up for the Epic Rewards #Fail, no? In addition to that, my last order arrived with expired glosses – yep, #disappointed! I ordered there of the Elizabeth & JamesNirvana Rollerball and Nude Lip Gloss Set ($30, available here) because I was going to use my 10% VIB Welcome gift, so I had better make that order worthwhile. The colour of the glossed looked funny, and it was separating – wasn’t about to put that on my lips no matter how much of a discount it was!


Everything I got ended up being so basic, it may not have been worth it to post about. I like haul posts, and Sephora haul posts are my favourites, so I hope you get some inspirations from this post!

First, I had to get the CliniqueTake The Day Off Cleansing Balm ($36, available here) because I had been meaning to try a new cleanser. I was waffling between this and the NUDE Skincare Cleansing Jelly, but for a whole lot of $11 cheaper, plus the fact that everyone on the blog-universe seems to love it, I bit the bullet and got one. Yes, I did cringe at the price tag upon checking out, especially since it looks just like a glob of coconut oil which will do the job all the same. However, I simply couldn’t deny myself a little treat after getting some awesome update this week!

I also know exactly what I’m getting some family members and friends for their upcoming birthdays and (gasp!) Christmas/holidays so I purchased the CliniqueGreat Skin, Great Deal Set for Dry Combination Skin ($32, set for my mom because it includes the full-sized moisturizer plus some extras. She is an avid Clinique user and she loves the Dramatically Different Lotion in particular so this set was the perfect gift for her!

I picked up the right shade of the CoverFXCustom Cover Drop ($44, because so far, that’s been the only product I’ve genuinely wanted to try out due to its innovative and very unique proposition. I like that it’s something you can easily integrate to your beauty stash and it enhances your existing beauty products! The multi-use product doesn’t cost too much either, particularly when you consider how little you end up using each time!

Recently, I’ve been going back to using toner lotions again, and I had to repurchase an old favourite, the ClarinsDaily Energizer Wake Up Booster ($34, which is infused with citrus so it helps wake up and perk up the skin! I don’t usually love citrus scents in my beauty product but there is very fine balance between the citrus so it didn’t end up becoming too overwhelming for my sensitive nose. I like to store these in the fridge when I’m at work so that when I get home, the toner is refreshingly cold and feels so rejuvenating!

Now it’s your turn! Have you purchased anything from Sephora lately? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

Lovely haul! Clinique has some amazing skin care items!

I agree! I need to try out more of Clinique’s skincare products since they are some of my mom’s favourite products!

I have heard SO much about the CoverFX drops! I might cave and buy one since as you said, the value is pretty good considering how little you need!

I love the samples that Sephora gives and I really want to try the Clarins toner it sounds interesting.

I’ve been so stoked about having this toner back in my routine! It’s got a slightly more viscous texture that regular water-based toner and that’s what makes it so so good after a long day at work!

Nice picks! I used the Clinique TTDO balm a while back and it’s great stuff! I actually just bought the Nude Omega Jelly and hope that I love it! ????

Ohh! Let me know what you think of the Omega Jelly! I really want to give it a go ???? Glad that you liked the Take the Day Off Balm!

I love the COVERFX drops and really need to use them more!

I enjoy mixing this with my existing routine and this helps me “fix” a lot of foundations that are too light or has the wrong undertone!

I have my loves list ready for the vib sale!!! I’ve been interested in the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm too! I love the new Sephora shopping bag btw!

Oh man! I’m too scared to look at my Loves List! Everything that I feel like I will need have been loaded on the shopping cart, so fingers crossed nothing will sell out during the sale!!

Great Haul!
I love the cover fx drops. I feel they may have changed everything with makeup for me. No more slightly off shades, no more coverage that doesn’t suit me, I can make my skin care into makeup. amazing.

Awesome haul! I need to try those Cover FX Drops, I’ve heard nothing but stellar reviews.

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