The “I Didn’t Do Much This Weekend” Routine.

On the days where I plan to just wind down during the weekend (rather than doing errands or meeting friends for brunch/lunch), I’m all about pulling my most luxurious and decadent pamper products to take the stress away from the week. It makes me feel like I’m at a spa, but with the privacy of my own home.

I also like to use my weekends to get organized – whether it be to ensure I’ve finished doing everything I needed to last week and get things in order for the following week. My routine may not be the most glamorous but it certainly keeps me busy! When I get to say “I didn’t really do anything this weekend” you know it’s been a great weekend of me and Netflix binge-ing!


The first thing I do is swap out my skincare routine to something a little more luxurious – something that gets me to think spa! In the morning, I start by cleaning my bedroom, decluttering my desk, and lighting an aromatic lightly-scented candle sets the mood for a clean, productive, and happy start to the weekend. I skip the coffee (because teeth whitening is so expensive and time-consuming!) and to get the day rolling I use the GuerlainOrchidée Imperiale Cleansing Foam (available here) and Orchidée Imperiale Toner (available here) duo to get my skin feeling refreshed and ready for the weekend. These are such treats for me so I only use it on weekends when I’m having just a relaxing kind of weekend with the family.

I try to keep my activities as few as possible – my week was already jam-packed with work, blogging events, friends / socializing, personal errands, and the list goes on. Since I’ll probably spend all day in my PJs anyways, my day is spent catching up with my family, doing projects that I’ve been meaning to do on Pinterest, and learning new recipes! I’ve been obsessed with re-creating as many Nutella recipes and iced coffee variations as I possibly can from Pinterest, so there’s always a treat waiting at my home ????

I also spend the day organizing my week ahead – I check that I’ve done everything I needed to in the previous week, and start jotting things down for the next. I use a Kate Spade2016 Planner ($38, available here). I have the large size so I have plenty of room to jot down blog ideas, future travel plans, day-to-day to-do / errands with room to spare. Apparently Plan With Me is a thing on YouTube (If you don’t believe me, watch one of those 30 minutes one, I’m aghast that one can spend that much time stickering one’s planner).

Since I’m also quite lazy and I don’t like to paint my nails during the week, the weekend is when I get it on. I’ll pull out my favourite shades du jour and paint away. I cannot stop using the MACWash & Dry Nail Polish in Washeteria ($16, available here) as it’s just been a staple colour of the moment. I was also sent the Formula XTo Go Set ($19.50, available here) from Sephora and I think I’m starting to understand why it’s so hyped up.

The later part of my evening is spent binge-watching on Netflix, with my face mask on. I’m too tired to do much of skincare treatments during the week (unlike my sisters) so it’s really the weekend when I get Suits, Downton Abbey or a documentary, going on Netflix, and pop on my face mask. My current favourite is the BosciaCool Blue Calming Mask ($43, available here). Personally, I’m not always I’ll also do any body treatments like exfoliate the face and body, and I love using the JealousBody Scrub with Coffee & Almond ($17.95, available here) as it keeps my body highly moisturized, and who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?!?

Now it’s your turn! What’s your weekend usually like? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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I also got the FormulaX to go kit. It was such a nice surprise from Sephora. I have never tried anything from the brand and now I am hooked and understand the hype. Weekend for me is pretty chill. If I don’t have much going on, online shopping is the way to go and I found myself grabbing stuff into my online cart ????

I work full time during the week so like to use the weekend to relax, sleep in, and have fun!

Pft, most of my weekends are “I didn’t do much” because I’m just lazy. And I don’t even bother with beauty rituals, just getting down to Netflix marathons because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR A ‘PAMPER’.

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