Boxing Day Haul 2017

I hadn’t planned on doing any shopping for Boxing Day but the weather was quite decent, albeit a little cold, when I made the cold trip to two malls in the hope of picking up some goodies at a great discount. I always think of Boxing Day as a time to pick up things you didn’t get on Christmas and as a way to get a few self-care bits for January at a great discount. So of course, this means that I had to treat myself to a thing or two – hence the Boxing Day Haul – all in the name of research or “self care” – you know what I mean?

I know that I really overspent this year – a few online orders and two shopping trips at the mall later, I really feel my credit card getting a lot lighter. I hadn’t planned on spending this much but seeing some “good” deals and not really having spent too much during Black Friday meant I had a bit of an excuse to splurge for the new year!

Boxing Day Haul 2017.

David’s Tea

First order of business was to replenish my stock of matcha powder – I’ve never been able to find good matcha outside of David’s Tea and the ones that I’ve tried from other retailers tend to not be as fresh nor as authentic taste-wise. The Semi-Annual/Boxing Day sale for David’s Tea featured the sold-out kale matcha powder which I’ve been craving and a few other green tea variations that I’ve been meaning to pick up. Plus, with a gift card, I couldn’t resist getting a few things to restock my pantry with:

  1. Kale Matcha ($11.99, available here)
  2. Matcha “Matsu” – my favourite matcha variation for latte and all sorts of matcha drinks ($17.98, available here)
  3. Thank You Special Occasion Set ($6, available here)
  4. David’s Classics featuring 6 of the brand’s best selling teas ($9, available here)

MAC Cosmetics at The Bay

Boxing Day Haul 2017 - MAC Cosmetics Picks at Hudson's Bay

My picks from The Bay’s MAC Cosmetics counter

I was keen on seeing what’s on sale at MAC Cosmetics as I was hoping to renew my MAC Select status in the new year. I’m currently at the “Devoted” member status and $146 away from the next level up. The first place I ended up checking out was The Bay as they had a similar promotion as the official MAC Cosmetics Boxing Day offer. I was pleasantly surprised to note that The Bay ended up being the better deal since a number of the products, including The Bay exclusive sets, were already on sale before the same 25% promotion was applied. That meant the same products worked out a few dollars cheaper than at the MAC store on top of a $10 off a $100 beauty purchase discount stacked on the deal.

I stocked up on only three items as I knew I was going to shop in-store but expect a few more things coming up in in case of a second online order.

  1. Look in a Box Lip & Eye Kit Be True To You ($29.40, available here)
  2. 2x MAC Mineralize Blush in Cosmic Force ($22, available here)
  3. 2x MAC Prep & Fix+ Holiday Kit ($18, available here)

Lush Cosmetics

Boxing Day Haul 2017 - Lush Cosmetics

The Lush Cosmetics BOGO Splurge

First stop of the day in the mall was to pick up seasonal bits from Lush that were put on sale with a BOGO promotion that made it worth spending. I went quite a bit all out here with my sister and we ended up splitting up a few things during the sale. Arriving bright and early allowed me to have some of the best picks of the day. I was able to get the following bits:

  1. Happy Christmas Gift 2017 ($52.95
  2. Christingle Body Conditioner ($26.95)
  3. Rose Jam Shower Gel ($21.95)
  4. Bûche de Noël Facial Cleanser ($12.95)
  5. Twilight and Snow Fairy Sparkle Bars ($9.95)

Body Shop

I wasn’t expecting to pick up anything at The Body Shop since I didn’t see anything I wanted available as part of the sale. But the Body Shop’s website was not exactly the best at browsing and sorting so I ended up going in-store and got lucky too! It appeared some of the products online aren’t on sale despite the fact that they are in-store, so I’m excited to have a few new things to play with.

  1. Spa Of The World™ Relaxing Body Collection Gift Set ($25, available here)
  2. Spa Of the World™ Superfood Face Mask Collection Gift Set ($49.50, available here)
  3. Spa Of The World™ Relaxing Body Collection Gift Set ($25, available here)

Boxing Day Haul 2017 fearuing new books and goodies

Lots of new self-care goodies for the new year to indulge in!

Chapters Indigo

Shopping for books during boxing day is my favourite activity since I’m always craving for new things to read in the new year. I did well in covering the 12 books I wanted to read this year so I went ahead and ordered a few new things for the new year. If you have any new books that you’d recommend (preferably non-fiction), please let me know in the comments section below – I’d love to check it out!

  1. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio ($40, available here)
  2. Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss ($40, available here)
  3. Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson ($22, available here)
  4. The Lessons of History ($17, available here)

H&M & La Vie en Rose

To wrap up my Boxing Day haul, and in an attempt to keep this short, I thought I’d share the last few bits (mostly comfy items) that I picked up at a superb discount from H&M and La Vie en Rose. From H&M, I bought 2 dresses that I’ve wanted since they launched on the website but have been sold out in stores for some time. I couldn’t resist picking up new PJ sets from La Vie en Rose because it’s just what you get for the new year! I got 3 new PJ sets at only $10 each which I thought was a fairly good deal! The new year will be insanely cozy! I also picked up two embroidered dresses from H&M which were on sale to round up the rest of my haul!

Boxing Day Sale Haul

As I mentioned earlier, I feel like I’m “shopped” out – I definitely picked up a bit more than intended and my credit card will be on lockdown for the next few months. Now I’m passing it over to you – did you pick up anything during Boxing Day? Let me know in the comments section below!

Awesome haul! I especially love your selection of books… i would love to read more this year. I spent quite a bit during Black Friday so i had to refrain from Boxing day shopping!

You scored some great deals! I was very tempted with a lot of the Boxing Day sales (especially the Lush ones since they usually don’t have sales during the year), but in the end I didn’t buy anything since there wasn’t really much I needed. That and I did a lot of damage during Black Friday already, haha ????

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