Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow | Meeting Sam & Nic.

One of the highlights of my own blogging experience thus far was the opportunity to meet the Pixiwoo sisters during the Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow! I was incredibly fortunate to be invited to the Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow, hosted by FarleyCo, the official distributor of Real Techniques in Canada. Hosted at the trendy, super chic Joey Eaton Centre Restaurant, it was an exceptionally enjoyable, remarkably intimate gathering of bloggers, and retail partners as well as the Pixiwoo sisters.

Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow & Meeting Sam & Nic Chapman.[show_shopthepost_widget id=”2321164″]

I am sure you are familiar with the Pixiwoo sisters, two UK-based sisters who created beauty channel sharing tutorials, techniques and lifestyle tips. Their channel is one of the world’s most subscribed channels because their tutorials are practical and easy to follow. The Pixiwoo sisters are one of YouTube’s incredible success stories, and you may also be familiar with their range of brushes and beauty tools under the brand Real Techniques.

Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow & Meeting Sam & Nic Chapman.

Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow & Meeting Sam & Nic Chapman.

Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow | The Event

The Pixiwoo sisters have been on YouTube for a very long time (they refer themselves as “YouTube Grandma’s”!) and their tutorials were one of the first that got me into makeup at the very beginning of my own blogging journey. Despite their immense success, and global viewership, both Sam and Nic are incredibly humble, approachable and friendly. I am a huge fan and advocate of their brushes for being both functional/versatile and incredibly budget-friendly, and I think they’ve done such an amazing job to make brushes that cater to both pro’s and everyday makeup users like you and me. Also, you know you’ve made it when Beyoncé’s makeup artist was spotted using one of their brushes to touch up her makeup!

During the event, they talked at length about how they got started with their YouTube channel, and what inspired them. They are so down-to-earth and I think I am speaking on behalf of everyone that both Sam and Nic were incredibly charming, hilarious, and love what they do. You can tell that they put 110% into creating the content and products, and making sure that they deliver to the Real Techniques’ standard that their audience now expects.

It is also very exciting to hear that Real Techniques will become more readily available in Canada! Retail partners including Rexall Pharmaplus, and Loblaws will start to carry the range of their brushes. That’s on top of existing retailers such as FarleyCo (online), Wal-Mart, and Winners! Judging by the prices we see in-stores right now, I think we can expect the retail prices at the new retailers to be quite similar to what we already see now.

Real Techniques Toronto Roadshow & Meeting Sam & Nic Chapman.

This picture is made infinitely prettier by the Pixiwoo sisters!

A huge thank you to FarleyCo for hosting the event, and inviting us, bloggers to attend the event. I got to see a lot of familiar faces at the event which is always a highlight of my evening, and fangirl over the Pixiwoo sisters!

More Pictures from the Real Techniques Roadshow

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Now it’s your turn! Don’t be shy – do you follow the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube? Have you tried their Real Techniques brushes? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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