Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set | Review.

After having an amazing experience with the two Real Techniques brush kits I bought a while ago (my review on the core collection, and starter set) I decided to purchase the Real TechniquesTravel Essentials Set which features three full-size travel-ready brushes. These brushes were developed by Sam Chapman, otherwise known as Pixiwoo on YouTube). Real TechniquesTravel Essentials Set ($17.99, available here) contains three brushes and a case. Each brush has a different color which identifies the brush as a face, eye or finishing brush.

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Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set

The handles are color-coordinated to make it easier to organize your brushes (plus, they are such great colors too, and look amazing on the vanity!) The orange handles are the face brushes, the pink handles are the finishing/touch up brushes, while the purple handles are the eye brushes. The Real Techniques brand is a terrific brand that I trust to deliver high quality brushes at reasonable prices. The brushes have very unique cut and shape to them and are highly versatile; I can use each brush for more than one purpose and they work just as well!

These brushes are undeniably one of the best budget brushes I’ve come across! I’ve used the brushes from the Core Collection and starter kit. The unconventional/unique shape and cut of the brushes are much different than the ones that I’m used to working with, but still just as good, or better to work with. The extended handles don’t weigh down the brushes and make them less prone to breaking due to water getting into the ferrule.

Having a longer ferrule/handle is great so that water doesn’t get into the ferrules during the washing and melt the glue (Which I’ve had happened to my Sigma F50 brush). The bottom of the brush is covered in rubber-like material, making it more sturdy and easier to stay put (It can even stand on its own). After owning this set (along with my other Real Techniques brushes) for about a year, I have not experienced any shedding or bleeding whatsoever. I am very very impressed!

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The Real TechniquesTravel Essentials Set comes with 4 brushes and a brush roll. The brush roll is the most functional and versatile that I’ve seen, being able stand upright or flipped sideways, depending on your preference. I like that there is space to add additional brushes on the side. The case is sturdy enough as it is reinforced with some board-like material. Unfortunately, since the size of the brushes is smaller than most conventional and common brushes like MAC or Sigma, it’s more difficult to fit other full-sized brushes here. The most obvious difference is in the length of the brush handles between the brands.

The Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set Brushes

The multi task brush is really great at what it does and really lives up to its name. It has a slightly tapered head which makes it a great brush to apply setting/finishing powder or blushes with.

The domed shadow brush is a brush that I am currently obsessed with as it can be used as a shader and blending brush in one. Saves time, and space!

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The essential foundation brush is one that I don’t reach for very often. I am not a fan of foundation brushes in general and find them to leave very streaky foundation marks. That being said, the size of this brush is smaller and for me, a little awkward to use. I don’t often use this brush on my face but it is perfect for scooping out foundation samples.

Where to buy the Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set

For my Canadian or international friends who may not find Real Techniques to be readily available in their country, a great place to check out is iHerb, which is where I purchased this brush set from from. If you are a first-time customer, you can save $5 off $30 or $10 off $40 order with this code (which I used for my purchase so I can vouch for its validity): BLC424 so you can save even more with your purchase! Shipping to Canada was about $4 (Global Priority with DHL) for 3-4 sets of brushes and took around 3 weeks.

The Real TechniquesTravel Essentials Set is perfect if you are looking for brushes to add to your collection without being redundant. The shape/dimensions of the brushes are different than most brushes, but still easy to work with for beginners. The multi-task brush is truly the star of the set and I would purchase the set just for this brush alone. The bristles are very soft and dense but won’t absorb products. I’ll be honest that I am hooked on these brushes. I highly recommend this brush kit, and I have yet to hear anyone had a bad experience with the set! The price point, functionality, and versatility make this brush collection a winner in my book and a great addition for anyone looking for budget-friendly brushes that deliver!

Have you tried the Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set? Which one is your favourite? Will you be purchasing this set?

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