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A few years ago, dry oil was all the rage and I remembered the days every YouTuber and bloggers had a brand of high-end dry oil to show as part of their Monthly Favourites. That was actually what led me to buy the NuxeHuile Prodigieuse despite my general aversion to any types of oil as it had a great reputation, made by a well-known French brand and also seems to be everyone’s choice at the time.

Dry oil is meant to be lighter than regular oil and can actually be fitted with a spray cap so you also use less and don’t end up being a greasy mess. Since the texture is much lighter, the dry oil tends to be multi-purpose: use it for your face, hair and body and it will not leave a gunky greasy mess a la regular oil-based products.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Review

The NuxeHuile Prodigieuse seemed like a promising first dry oil to try out – well-known in the beauty industry as one of the most beloved French brands, and constantly topping lists of dry oils to try out, and with a limited edition size / packaging, I ended up splurging a bit of money for this.

Immediately after spraying the NuxeHuile Prodigieuse, I can tell it is much lighter in texture and feels a lot more comfortable to use even on my face. The scent is spa-like and very floral without being too overwhelming. I use this after I shower, and run the oil through my fingers before applying from the mid to bottom ends of my hair (never around the scalp). I do find my hair stays more moisturized despite the constant ironing that I do. I use a very small amount for my hair – 2-3 sprays as I don’t want to leave my hair greasy. I’ve not used it to tame frizz and flyaways and I imagine it would work equally just as well.

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I’ve tried using the oil on my face and I’m not the biggest fan of it – at the end of the day, this product is basically oil and my glasses slide right off after I use this. I just feel this is something that can easily lead to breakouts and clogged pores if used too often so I’ve stopped using it so generously on my face. I’ll probably go back to using this on the face come the drier winter season but for now, it’s sticking around for the hair.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Review

For the body, I like to use this as a spot-treatment for severe dry spots, like the elbows and when the eczema on the back of my hands act up. It’s less greasy than your traditional hand creams/body oils so it works well when I need to still be doing things afterwards and won’t need to get all that weird greasiness all over the table / sofa.

I do feel this bottle will last for ages so I am absolutely grateful that I won’t have to repurchase this anytime soon.

Overall I think the NuxeHuile Prodigieuse is a great dry oil for first-timers but I don’t think I plan on repurchasing it anytime soon. Price-wise it’s one of a decently-priced purchase as it takes a while to finish. Since this is one of the brand’s most popular items, do keep an eye out for any sort of value sets which comes out quite frequently (with a smaller size too) if you’re not sure this is the right size/product for you!

Have you tried the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse? What’s your thoughts on dry oil products?

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