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I decided to put together a list of CoverFX product recommendations because I really love this brand, and the quality of its products. CoverFX remains to be one of my favourite brands because their products have been very reliable in getting me through some through rough/really bad skin days back in the days. Their products really live up to the claims, and actually worth every penny spent because of the products’ long useful life, and overall versatility.

History with CoverFX


You might have occasionally read about how I had really bad skin in my second year of university, that was worsened by poor diet and academic stress. As a result of this, I have had to deal with the aftermath which includes hyperpigmentation scars, leftover acne marks that appear permanent. I was introduced to CoverFX by a sales associate at Shoppers Drug Mart; I was initially very skeptical of their products, and the price tag sent me fleeing back to my car. However, I walked away from Shoppers Drug Mart with the Prep and Cover Set ($49.50) and the Total Cover Cream Foundation in M50 ($42, available here). Despite the high price tag, I’ve come to love this brand so much that I have repurchased many products over the year and consider it to be holy grail material!

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CoverFX started out as a company that created makeup suitable for those with varying skin conditions at a leading Canadian hospital. It is most renowned for its line of “healthy foundation” that is free talc, fragrance, paraben, and mineral oil. Their Total Cream Foundation was the product that started it all and has been updated (along with many of their other products) to include over 30 shades, so there is always something for everyone. To learn more about the brand, here is a YouTube video with Chief Innovation Officer, Victor Casale. CoverFX has recently updated their products to reflect the company’s global presence; if you are thinking of repurchasing any CoverFX foundations, here is a conversion chart (Courtesy of Sephora) that you’re going to need to find your new shade.

My CoverFX Product Recommendations

The Total Cover Cream Foundation ($42, available here) is my holy grail foundation/concealer when I am dealing with really bad days. I bought this product two years ago and I have only very recently started hitting pan. My shade, M50, may be slightly darker for my actual skintone (NC25), however it can easily be blended with other foundations to match better. The Total Cover Cream Foundation does exactly what it’s supposed to, give full and complete coverage. But that’s not all the foundation is good for, it works just as well to spot-treat any acne or scar marks. The foundation is filled with really good ingredients for protecting your skin with makeup and plenty of active sun-protectant ingredients. You can definitely feel comfortable wearing this foundation no matter what your skin condition is.

The Matte Setting Powder ($32, available here) is definitely an excellent way of setting your makeup. The powder is very finely milled, and really sets the foundation, preventing it from transferring to the collar of my shirt and scarves. It does an amazing job at sucking up all the oil on the face, and on days where I have sunscreen underneath my makeup, this is an excellent setting powder that really mattifies the face without adding layers of product on the face. The smallest amount of this product does the job, so don’t feel like you need to pat tons of products over your foundation. Despite there being only three shades (Light, Medium, Dark), the application of the powder is sheer, almost being translucent and hardly visible when applied on the skin.


The Brush Cleanser ($13) was one I was most excited about trying out. I never believed in paying over $10 for a solution that is primarily alcohol, so I never bothered investing in this or the MAC brush cleanser. When these went on sale some time ago, I was curious to try it. After playing around with it to both deep clean and spot clean my brushes, I went back and repurchased 5 bottles of this which will last me a long time!

The SkinPrep Nourishing Foundation Primer ($45; discontinued/reformulated) is definitely one of the most expensive face product I own which hurts every time I think about it. The liquid is a clear, yellow gel that applies very lightly on the skin and leaves a barrier between my skin and any makeup products applied over it. Definitely a worthy investment if you’re looking for a primer that won’t damage your skin and really effective.

The ConcealFX is a holy grail concealer; it truly covers any redness, spots or marks with the tiniest amount. The limited color selection shouldn’t frighten you as it is actually not as dark as it first appears. It takes me such a long time to actually finish this concealer, and I have a long way to go.


Total Cover Cream Foundation in M40 // Matte Setting Powder in Medium // ConcealFX in Light

Where to buy: Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart ($17-$42)

I don’t think they have Cover FX here in Sydney but it sounds like a really interesting brand. Definitely interested in their foundation now! ????

They are similar to IT Cosmetics in the sense that their foundations/concealer products are industry-grade cult favourites! CoverFX used to be carried by Sephora but not anymore.

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