Maybelline Colour Elixir in Nude Illusion, and Rose Redefined.

When the MaybellineColour Elixir ($10.99, available here) first came out, I dismissed it as being another gimmicky lip product that won’t live up to its claim. I’ve been so disappointed by many drugstore lip “hybrids” and for the longest time, avoided drugstore lip products completely. The hybrid lip trend is making a come back, and different brands from drugstore all the way to the high end are coming up with their own versions of these hybrid lip products.


Bottom Line: [3.5/5] Non sticky, lightweight formula that enhances your lip. One of the best “hybrid” lip products from the drugstore that I’ve come across!


The packaging of the MaybellineColour Elixir is quite different than what we’ve seen from the brand and in the market right now. The small lip gloss tube is small enough to fit into any make up bags, and the clear plastic makes it easy to see what colour you’re getting. The product itself is moulded into a lipstick shape which I think is quite fun to look at. From the packaging perspective, I thought it accurately reflected what the product is all about: a lipstick concept with the high-shine and glossy finish of a lip gloss.

I said it a couple months ago, but I’ll said it again: The @MaybellineCAN Lip Elixir is everything a lip balm/gloss/lipstick hybrid should be. Maybelline totally nailed the formula with this range of lip products, and I am having such a hard time resisting future purchases.


Maybelline Colour Elixir: Nude Illusion, and Rose Redefined

The formula is non-sticky, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. It’s almost like they (Maybelline) infused the super-popular Baby Lips lip balm formula into this range of lip balms to deliver that super comfortable wear on the lips. It is not scented, or flavoured in case you are averse to fragrances in lip products. One swipe of the product is enough to deliver a creamy coat on the lips – a barely there look that pulls the entire look together without making it look like you tried hard.

The glossy finish isn’t too shiny which could often times look a little inappropriate for work or university. The shine is subtle, work-appropriate, and is definitely “Grandma-approved” (You know what I’m talking about!) The lasting power is not the best – perhaps 3-4 hours max, and it will slide right off as you snack and drink throughout the day.

The colour payoff is quite impressive – one swipe gives you a nice medium, but buildable coverage on the lips. I did find the more layers/swipes I did, the more sticky, and heavy the MaybellineColour Elixir felt on the lips. There is no staining on the lips with the two colours I’ve tried, and that makes me very happy as it minimizes the chance of feathering around the lips.


Maybelline Colour Elixir: Nude Illusion, and Rose Redefined

The MaybellineColour Elixir in Nude Illusion is one of the few nude shades in the range, and whilst it looks a little dark when swatched, it does come off more flattering on the lips. Rose Redefined has quickly become my favourite shade – despite how pink it looks in the tube and swatched at the back of my hand, the colour matches closely with my lip colour, so the value in this colour for me is in the enhancement of my lip shade.

Whilst the MaybellineColour Elixir is not exactly the perfect hybrid lip product ever invented, it does come pretty close to delivering everything what it claims. The formula is unique for its price point, and compared to the availabilities of similar products in the market, it does feel more like a higher-end product. For myself, I’d like to see improvement in the formula’s staying power, especially for those who don’t really touch up their make up throughout the day. Other than that, I hope Maybelline will grow this range of lip products (i.e. making a matte colour collection or adding more shades) because for the price, it is quite a fabulous range to collect from the drugstore.

Where to Buy: Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, and other drugstores that carry Maybelline ($10.99)

I love Nude Illusion – it’s one of my most worn shades lately! It’s a great nude shade.

I have to agree with you – beautiful nude shade that actually looks good ????

I probably won’t try these (not really a lip product myself) BUT I’M SO TEMPTED TO PICK ONE UP. Agreed–the packaging is an absolute beaut to look at! Definitely laughed at the ‘grandma approved’ joke ????

Haha! I thought it would get the message across – definitely a makeup piece that won’t make Grandmama aghast!

Those colors look pretty, and packaging is also super cute!

I picked up a red and a pinky shade, and they’re so lovely. I think they will probably be my most-used products this summer, I really want a couple more shades!

Definitely ???? You and me both! Price is definitely one of the very attractive features about these ????

These look so nice! x

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