Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather | Review.

I’m not ashamed to admit that this is one of those blogger/YouTube induced purchases. Having loved the original MaybellineColor Tattoos (so much so that I haven’t been able to finish them since I purchased so many backups), I wanted to get a piece of the action with the new MaybellineColor Tattoos Leather collection. It had been a while since I picked up one of these, and Shoppers Drug Mart sent me a coupon so I could BOGO on these (making them only $5.54 each!), I couldn’t resist.


Bottom Line [3.5/5]: Great new variety of colours. Formula is excellent to use as a base or eye colour for subtler looks.

Narrowing down the shades I wanted was challenging, but in the end, I settled on something that I would use all-year round, and as boring as they are, I feel like they’ll get far more use than the more “unique” or special occasion colours.

The packaging and presentation of these cream bases are identical to the original – encased in a glass pot with a plastic lid that you have to close tightly otherwise it will dry out. I picked up only two shades out of the five they had in the collection. I’ve not tried these eyeshadows for 24+ hours, but I’ve worn it, along with several other shades before, all day without creasing



Vintage Plum // Creamy Beige

Vintage Plum is a deep, warm purple with a tinge of taupe. It reminds me a lot of how the clouds look on a rainy evening. It looks slightly dry/chalky when swatched, but it applies more evenly on the lids. It makes for a great base for a smokey eye look.

Creamy Beige is a medium tan brown – I had hoped it was going to be lighter than this (like MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot), but I suppose if you sheer this out enough, it will come off much lighter than how it looks in the pan. This shade reminds me a lot of the original Bad to the Bronze without the shimmers.

Both shades are very creamy, easy to apply and blend. Once they’re on, they stay put. I like to use these cream eyeshadows as bases (on top of primers) to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to my eyeshadow colours. I did find that the colour selection falls in the same spectrum of “smokey” shades – predictable colours for those looking for colours to enhance their smokey makeup. I wished that Maybelline could come out with more everyday shades (which I believe they did in a limited edition collection before).

These didn’t apply well as eyeliners as you have to go over and layer several times to get the opacity of an eyeliner, so I wouldn’t really recommend it for that use.

Have you tried the new Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather? Which ones are your favourite shades? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

Oh wow, both of these look lovely! Wearable, but not at all boring neutrals. Glad to hear the formula is so great too! xo

Yep! I’ve been obsessed with these colours and formula when they first came out ????

These really do apply better on my eyelids, when they warm up. Swatching them is tough. LOVE these as a base or a simple eye look.

I agree! Sometimes, they swatch nicely, but for the most part it requires rubbing the product back and forth to get it to warm up properly!

Lovely review!
Thank you for sharing!

That’s funny, I purchased those exact shades, too. ???? I LOVE my creamy beige — use it almost on a daily basis. Wasn’t a fan of the vintage plum, though. I felt that by the time I had blended out the streaks, it was just about gone and there wasn’t any color. Which would work find if you just want a base for eyeshadows — but I had creamy beige for that. So I ended up giving vintage plum to my sister to use. But, as I said, I use my creamy beige every day!!

Ohh! I’m glad you like Creamy Beige that much! I’ve been having a hard time using it since it’s so dark, even when sheered out! You’ll have to share your methods with us!

Now that you mention it, Vintage Plum is definitely harder to get a good colour payoff. It almost looked muddy!

These are two shades I wanted when the collection came out. I’m still contemplating. My first experience with Maybelline Color tattoo wasn’t so great, but I just love these moody and creamy shades!

I think I have good and bad days with these – sometimes they just work, and are everything I’m looking for in a multi-use product, but other times, I’m wishing the formula/colour/variety could be better!

i have yet to use the tattoo’s as liner though i know you could. that plum colour seems to consistently swatch poorly from all the ppl who have reviewed it, which is SUCH a shame since it would have been the colour i would have gone for!
A Beautiful Zen

You know, for the longest time I thought I had a bad batch (I didn’t bother looking up swatches on these, but I feel like I should have!) but it’s good (and bad) to know that – wished the colour is more vibrant so you can rock them all year round!

Ouuu, creamy beige is gorgeous. AND, 5-something is a bit expensive ???? Sometimes grocery supercentres sell makeup, and I once got the emerald colour tattoo for like, $3-ish.

I have the black leather one, I forget the name of it now. It’s in my pile of “must photograph before using” pile that just keeps getting bigger and bigger haha. #beautybloggerproblems

I love love love Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but sadly we don’t have this leather collection. ????
Even more, we only have few ‘regular’ shades (rose gold, white, black, turquoise, taupe – my favourite and bronzey). :/

I have one, not exactly the same, but still! I have the 24h Color Tattoo by EyeStudio, no. 35 – On and On Bronze. I can say I couldn’t be more happy with it! I cracked open my eyelid when I was nine and due to the stitches the eyebrow corner is still a bit more flabby on my right eye than on my left eye. It’s not noticeable unless I frown very hard, or I want to do a winged eyeline ???? And even with primer and lots of make-up fixer spray, all makeup tends to transfer to my upper lid. But this is great, after 10 hours and it still stays put, no creasing whatsoever!

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