MAC Select Anniversary Gift & Program Review.

As a MAC Select member for 1+ year, I was eligible for the MAC Select anniversary gift, which is very generous and makes me love this beauty program more! As I have been a MAC Select member for a year (the program launched last July which I wrote about here!) I was getting rewarded! 2017’s MAC Select anniversary gift is a full-sized Patentpolish ($24, available here) in any shade of your choosing. To redeem for your gift, you have to purchase an item in-store or online.

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I’m writing about my experience as this month is the first time that a lot of MAC Select members are receiving these emails and redeeming them. I hope this post is helpful to you – in case you are waiting for your email or are looking to learn more about the program and gift.

MAC Select Anniversary Gift & Program Review.

MAC Select Anniversary Gift – The Process

You can pick up your gift in-store or online; I opted to pick up my gift in-store as our mall’s MAC store was recently renovated. I went to a MAC counter at The Bay only to be told that this gift is only redeemable at a free-standing store – something that would have been nice to clarify ahead of time. It appears that regardless of your status (I’m a Devoted member meaning I have to spend $200 throughout the year), you get the same gift.

My Experience: I have to say that MAC really needs to work on their customer service game – something that I expected to take 5 minutes at checkout (barring any line up), ended up being a 30 minute process laced with confusion around 1) whether they had the “code” to input in the system for the redemption and 2) lack of clarity around whether a purchase was necessary to receive the gift.

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To clarify, yes you have to purchase an item but since no minimum was indicated, I’m sure you can buy an insert for $1 and still redeem for the gift) to receive your gift. All you have to do is show your email (which should have your MAC Select ID) to the sales associate who will then look up your profile and do the checkout process.

MAC Select anniversary gift

MAC select members, check your email for this notification!

MAC’s customer service isn’t anything to write home about so when you exclude this poor customer service experience, I’d have to say that this year’s MAC Select anniversary gift is a lovely pick. The Patentpolish is one of my favourite lip products and formula from MAC. I’ve written a pretty in-depth review of the formula earlier if you are curious!

Thoughts on the MAC Select Program – 1 Year Later

I’ve been a member of the MAC Select program since they launched. Since there is no physical card indicating your membership (you have to provide your email in-store) it is often easy to forget that there is even a membership program in the first place. I don’t receive too many promotional emails from MAC unlike at Sephora so one can be forgiven that you forget about the membership program in general.

MAC Select Anniversary Gift & Program Review.

The Good: I really appreciate the variety of promotional sales and discounts that took place several times throughout the year. The value of the discount is quite substantial too (25% off) – much higher than what you would get at other chains like Sephora or The Bay. If I recalled correctly, there were about 3 of these sales since the program started – they occurred at random time too (i.e. not during the holidays or main shopping times) so it’s almost like a good sale to tide you over in between the major sales of the year.

The Bad: It would be really nice to have a physical card or app to scan during the checkout process. It would help speed up the process and reduce confusion and not getting properly credited with your purchase. I don’t really notice much difference nor significance in benefits between the different tiers in the program. Aside from the fact you get a 30 minute makeover for free and first access to certain collections, the rest of the benefits are quite similar across the 3 program tiers. I hope that as the program expands and mature, we could see some addition to the benefits.

Overall, I really like the MAC Select anniversary gift – very generous, and I like being able to pick my own colour rather than having a predetermined shade chosen for me. There is still a lot of hiccups and confusion around the process so a bit more clarity in the communication would be appreciated. Otherwise, if you’re not yet a MAC select member, what are you waiting for?

Looks like I signed up last year and have 10 days left! Gotta find a freestanding store. Is it with purchase, or can I pop in, grab the goodie and leave?

It’s with a purchase! There’s no minimum though so that’s an awesome part of it – can buy a $1 insert and check out with it haha! I opted for the eyeshadow!

I agree with you! They definitely need to work on their customer care! xx

Yep yep! Poor experience across the board but I think the program is off to a good start!

So inconsistent for sure, but I did not have to do a purchase for mine. They did mine quickly and easily. It doesn’t say purchase required does it?

Edit: so just reading the email again and it does say purchase! I guess I lucked out.

How odd – I did see the fine print indicating the purchase but since two associates told me different things, I wanted to check regardless ???? Which colour did you pick up?

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