MAC See Sheer Lipstick.

I was rummaging through my lipstick drawer during one of my busy mornings when I unexpectedly pulled the MACSee Sheer Lipstick ($18, out. I was a little hesitant about using this at first as it looked a little too much for this morning’s meetings. Remembering my good friend’s advice (“Just put on what makes you feel good!”) I quickly gave lip a quick swipe and was out the door before I could question myself again.

MAC See Sheer Lipstick – The All Occasion Lipstick

MACSee Sheer Lipstick is a lustre-finish lipstick, which you know, shouldn’t really have worried me as the bold, pigmented colour of the tube will not necessarily translate to the intense colour in the tube. intensely on the lips. It is a lovely muted coral with a hint of red. I picked this up on a whim about a year ago, at the insistence of my favourite makeup artist (Drew, in the MAC Cosmetics store at Union Station/the PATH! My. Favourite. Guy. Ever. If you ever come across him at the counter, tell him Stephanie sent you!) even though I had reservations about how this colour would look on me. From the tube, it looks more red than coral but the colour is absolutely lovely on the lips. A light application is perfect for that “barely-there-makeup-look” while two sweeps would pull my entire look together more cohesively. Given the lustre formula, the lipstick has a glossy finish and doesn’t come off too intensely while still providing sufficient coverage on the lip.

MAC See Sheer Lipstick. width=

Since that morning’s incidence, the MACSee Sheer Lipstick has become my everyday staple for the last couple of months. It looks bold enough to pull my look together but very understated and demure, perfect for the office, or running my day-to-day errands. Additionally, this colour looks flattering on a variety of skintones, and would be an excellent, safe pick, starter lipstick for someone new to MAC’s extensive range of lipsticks, or makeup in general (i.e. teens starting with makeup for the first time!)

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FOTD: Wearing MAC See Sheer Lipstick

MAC See Sheer Lipstick.

  • Face: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in N117, and Make Up For Ever HD Powder
  • Eyes: NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Dark Grey 21L
  • Lips: MAC See Sheer Lipstick.

Where to Buy MAC Cosmetics Store/Counters ($18)

What about you? Have you tried MACSee Sheer Lipstick? Do you have a favourite lipstick or formula from MAC? Share with us in the comment section!

I was looking for a new lipstick and I see your post :p. I must check this color out at a Mac counters now, I’m looking for something that is conservative enough for school :).

By the way i have always been a silent reader of your blog and I just want to say I love your blog and your reviews!! I’m always looking forward to your posts. Have a nice day ????

Hello Ann! Thank you so much for your kind words – readers like yourself motivate me; I’m glad that the reviews are helpful to you!

I purchased this lipstick on a whim and would not have chosen it myself, but fortunately, it is part of the permanent collection so it is available all year round!

I love this color; it’s very nice for every day wear. It has a really nice finish, too. Looks great on you!

Thank you ???? It’s a good thing that it is part of the permanent range too otherwise I’d be so lost without it!

Holy moly, I love the colour on you! I just recently bought my second MAC lipstick, and I made sure to go for a matte one, since the first one I ever bought was shimmery and shiny and I actually can’t stand it. I didn’t even consider a sheer, though. It’s gorgeous!

Thank you Natalie! Which matte shade did you pick? MAC’s matte formula is actually one of my favourite ????

i love orangy reds so this looks perfect .its sort of been off and on my radar for a while and i have a few things that are similar so i think i can sit on this for a while but thanks for putting it back on the want list lol.
A Beautiful Zen

Yes yes yes! Such a must-have colour ???? It really looks amazing on warm skintones, so I’d imagine that it would work well for you too!

GETTIN’ CHUMMY WITH THE MAC MUA’S, ARE WE??? ???? (I’m always intimidated by then, not gonna lie. I feel like I’ve met more mean MAC MUAs than nice ones, but I guess that’s just me!)

THIS COLOUR IS GORGEOUS. Not a shade I really hear about, but then again, MAC does have like a gabajillion shades. Definitely need to check this shade out!

Oh I know exactly what you mean girl! They are so intimidating but of course, he is the one exception (hence why he deserves the shoutout on the blog!)

LOL Vanessa, I’m always so self-conscious about these real-life shots ???? You on the other hand, have amazing pictures ????

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