MAC Makeup Wipes Review

Since beauty posts have been quite slow on the blog (and I love writing the reviews by the way), I thought I’d write about an old cult favourite – the MAC Makeup Wipes. It’s one of those products that seemed to be a staple in everyone’s makeup kit a few years ago, and one that I’m sure many of us had fond memories of.

For me, the unique smell reminds me of my first few visits to a MAC store and being super intimidated by the process (and sales ladies haha)! I remembered testing and finally walking away with my first 3 started products: a foundation, concealer and blush.

When it comes to makeup wipes, I’m a bit of an in-between – depending on the brand, I may love it or hate it. My all-time favourite is the Simple Skincaremakeup wipes and Neutrogena. The texture of the wipes are soften and thicker so it doesn’t feel so abrasive on the skin. Unfortunately, the MAC Makeup Wipe and Bioderma ones are some of my least favourites, exactly because they feel harsh against the skin and requires more work than the first two.

MAC Makeup Wipes Review.

Let’s start at the beginning – the MAC Makeup Wipe comes in several sizes, but as is often the case, the higher the count/larger the size, the more value for your bucks you’re getting (cheaper cost per wipe). One thing that immediately stood out about these makeup wipes is the smell – I love it. It’s very MAC and for those who enjoy the distinct scent of the brand’s lipsticks, and foundation will know what I’m talking about.

The wipes are quite thin and although they don’t tear easily, I don’t like the thinness of it because it feels less gentle on the skin. To be frank, I’m very disappointed that the wipes don’t do a great job at removing makeup at all. It actually requires multiple wiping motion, and barely picks up my eyeliner/mascara without additional help.

The wipes also feel quite “dry” and not like there’s enough of the makeup solution in the sheets, which means I typically use a micellar water in conjunction with the wipes to get a proper cleanse. Also important to note, I do feel the solution has some oil-based ingredient in it because it does leave my skin feeling somewhat greasy.

MAC Makeup Wipes Review.

On its own, the MAC Makeup Wipe is a major disappointment – the fact that it barely removes makeup, and feels very abrasive on the skin makes this more appropriate for removing swatches on your hand rather than your face. Since I managed to buy the largest size (100-count) and couldn’t bear to throw it away, I use the wipes and soak it in micellar water when I remove my makeup which 1) helps remove more makeup compared to doing it on its own, 2) feels less abrasive on the skin, and 3) doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Since I normally only use 1/2 of the sheet at a time, I typically use the other side to spot-clean my makeup brushes on a daily basis.

Overall, I would not recommend the MAC Makeup Wipes as there are plenty of less expensive alternatives (i.e. Simple Cosmetics makeup wipes) available at most drugstores. I much prefer the gentler micellar water compared to the oil-based makeup solution like this and there’s also plenty of inexpensive options. Aside from this being eligible for the B2M program, I don’t really consider this product a must-have from the brand.

Have you tried the MAC Makeup Wipes? Do you enjoy using wipes in your makeup routine?

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