Must Have from MAC | 5 Things to Get.

I didn’t get into MAC Cosmetics until university – there’s just something so intimidating about their free-standing stores. Those impeccably dressed makeup artists, endless variety of colours and finishes, and the women who walk in there seem to know exactly what they were looking for – you know the feeling. Of course, that was a couple of years ago – once I got over my fears of stepping into a MAC store, I discovered what a staggeringly massive collection of products they had and though intimidating, gave me the perfect excuse to test and trial a couple of things.

Despite the fact that MAC practically never goes on sale, I am always incentivized to buy their products because of the back-to-mac scheme, which is a great recycling program that allows you to get a free full-sized lipstick/lipgloss/eyeshadow for free! Over the years, I’ve gotten recommendations as to what to try and worked out what’s worth splurging on and what to skip. Here are some of my favourites that have passed the test throughout the years.

Must Have from MAC | 5 Things to Get.
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1. MAC Eyeshadows ($19, available here)
MAC offers such a wide range of colours, and finishes that I doubt you can walk away without one or two colours. The quality of these eyeshadows are legendary and it’s worth splurging the money on one or two if you are interested in trying high-end eyeshadows. I prefer the pans over the pot, out of practicality and convenience. The pans also allow you to save a bit of money since it costs less than the pots. There are many dupes out there, but MAC eyeshadows are one of those “status symbol” in the beauty world and worthwhile splurging on if you feel like treating yourself!

2. MAC Lipsticks ($19, available here)
MAC’s lipstick is one thing that’s not really a splurge for me – I love, love the formula, variety of colours and finishes. I’ve talked about these lipsticks several times in the past. Despite the price, I think these lipsticks are still quite affordable, at least compared to other high-end brands you find at Sephora. MAC’s lipstick shades are practically legendary in the beauty world, and there are always new colours coming out once in a while.

3. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ($24, available here)
One of the first things I wanted to try from MAC is their legendary face products, so as a perpetual late-sleeper and snacker, I am always in need of some cover up. I’ve tried a number of their concealers in the past but the one that stood out most to me and that I would repurchase without hesitation is the MACPro Longwear Concealer. This full-coverage concealer covers even the most stubborn spots and imperfection. It’s easy to blend and doesn’t crease, no matter how long you’ve had it in for!

4. MAC Lip Pencil ($19, available here)
I’m not a lip pencil kind of person so it took a really good one from MAC to convince me that I love it. I haven’t tried very many colours from MAC but the quality of the ones I have tried are phenomenal and makes it worthwhile to try!

5. MAC Skincare Products ($10-50, available here)
I recently ran out of my MAC Fix+ so I had to substitute that in the picture! I think when people think of MAC Cosmetics, they immediately think of makeup. I’ve come across a number of really awesome skincare products from the brand that I think are worth trying as well. As mentioned, MAC Fix+ is my number one favourite, however this Studio Fix Moisture and the Naked Honey Balm are also really good ones to try out as well!

Now it’s your turn! What are your favourite products from MAC? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

Their lip pencils are my favorite, especially the nude ones!

I haven’t played around too much with it, but I can’t wait ????


I actually don’t own any MAC products (GASP SHOCK HORROR) and don’t think I ever will, but seriously, THERE’S JUST SO MUCH STUFF IN THERE IT’S OVERWHELMING. I’ve swatched a few of their eyeshadows–so pigmented and pretty! Also, I remember their Fix+ and Strobe cream was some of the first things I ever wanted from them, haha.

Don’t you worry girl! I fell of the MAC bandwagon as soon as I discovered Sephora and their sales! The only thing that keeps me coming back to MAC is their Back to Mac program!

Haha, this is so well timed – I just splurged on two lipsticks and a lip liner yesterday!

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