The Importance of Shopping Your Stash.

Being a beauty blogger means there’s constant exposure and pressure to have the newest, and latest product. Oftentimes and especially when a collection or launch is limited edition (I’m thinking a lot of MAC’s launches), there’s this mentality of “buy now and think about it later!” That’s not to say it’s the worst thinking ever, but imagine buying 5+ of the latest MAC lipsticks (or Clinique Cheek Pop blushes even though they’re not limited edition), test them out (i.e. swatch it 1-2x) and then store in your makeup drawer/stash to only forget about it.

I have to admit, that happens to me all the time. I have a hoarding problem and my siblings call me out on it (in a good, I-genuinely-care-about-you kind of way!) I used to be fine dropping $100 every other week at Sephora (online of course, those samples and free shipping are so worth it) just for the sake of having content on the blog. I accumulated such a large pile, and sadly most of then were only swatched 1-2x and often left forgotten in my drawers (and eventually make their way to the blog sale page). I’m sure a lot of you, blogger or not, can relate to this situation.


There was a point in early 2015 where I was so busy with work (thank you promotion!) that I barely had time for anything but sleep and personal hygiene. In those 3-4 months, I barely stepped into Sephora (or even went online shopping at all!) and did not buy anything new (except for a tiny pick me up during the VIB Sale) throughout that period. Guess what, I was much more content and happier! I was saving up all this money to go towards other things I am passionate about including traveling, and I was actually going through all the products that was in my beauty stash!

There are already many beauty bloggers who feature the latest it products on their blog (i.e. Temptalia) and it’s really no use to compete with that (especially since most of them are sent to her any way) because one will only drive herself to being broke with a whole lot of unused makeup in the process. I’ve realized that my definition of beauty blogging has changed and the way I write on the blog has been less about the latest/newest product and more about my experiences with the stash. I don’t know about you guys, but I really feel my readers and audience connect to the content better too!

Now it’s your turn! Do you shop your stash? Have you ever felt like you have too much beauty products and are rarely satisfied? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

I can’t imagine not buying anything for a few months! I always buy so much that I forget to shop my stash but it’s always nice to remember what you bought ????

I used to be that person who always buy something every month! I recently realized that I have way more stuff than I ever can finish in a life time. Plus, all the money that I was saving from the makeup shopping ended up going into my travel fund!

i’d be pretty happy not buying anything and i haven’t really had to, which is great. nothing has been super appealing so i get to shop my stash relatively often i think. its great to rediscover things.

I definitely agree with that Jenn! We could help each other stay accountable!

Ever since I started my blog, I feel like I have every excuse going out and buy makeup to try new items for the sake of creating content for my blog. This year, I made a conscious decision to buy wisely and I am doing very good so far. Last year this time, I made to Sephora Rouge already and this year, I am not even close. So big improvement(big pat on my own shoulders ????

I’ve been on a roll for not buying anything tempting for the past 6 months (though I did buy a few items during the VIB sale, but it’s a SALE and I only got three things XD) but I have been going through my current makeup now and reviewing them more rather than all the new items that come in!

Yep! I shop my stash most of the time. I’m currently on a spending ban until August since I’ve acquired too much stuff in the past few weeks!

I found this post really interesting – I have definitely stopped buying as much as I used to, and it feels so much better when I do buy things now. I still need to get rid of excess products but I do enjoy shopping my stash and coming up with surprises every time, lol.

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