MAC Cosmetics Haul | Epic Pre-Holiday Shopping Trip.

I have no willpower against the temptation that is holiday shopping. Given that MAC never goes on sale (unlike stuff at Sephora) and the sales associates (that I have experienced anyways) tend to be on the more snobby side, I surprised myself with this humongous haul. The last time I purchased this much MAC Cosmetics was in Las Vegas. I went to the mall recently to attend an event and exchange my MAC empties for a couple of new things.


Let’s just say, I got a little bit carried away.

But don’t worry. Not everything picture here is actually for me!


While waiting for a MAC associate to help me out, I couldn’t help but wander over to the skincare section. There are plenty of things on this display that I’ve never seen/tried or even bothered asking for samples about before. I was helped by a very generous associate who made this shopping trip vastly different and more enjoyable that I walked out so much poorer. I picked up some new skincare products I’ve wanted to try for some time. These are “classic” MAC products – basically the ones that gets raved all the time and I’ve never had the time or inclination to purchase it until now.

  • MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator ($40)
  • MAC Studio Moisture Fix ($35)
  • MAC Pro Sculpting Cream – Accentuate ($28)
  • MAC Woodwinked ($19)


Shortly after adding those four items into the basket for no reason, I remembered exactly why I came to MAC in the first place. Armed with 18 empties, I wanted to exchange them for the lipsticks. I am a huge fan of MAC’s lipstick formula and variety of colours and finishes. Included in the purchase is backup of my staple everyday lipstick (MAC Shy Girl), trying out some popular shades that have become permanent and some not-so-me shades.

  • MAC Shy Girl ($19)
  • MAC Syrup Lipstick ($19
  • MAC Sweet & Sour ($19)
  • MAC Flamingo ($19)
  • MAC Razzledazzler ($19)

I’m definitely on a MAC shopping ban after this. The only saving grace of this haul is probably the fact that I got two of the lipsticks for free instead of paying full price. But let’s just put it out there that this kind of haul isn’t recommended prior to a 2-week vacation.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around 18 empties. ????
Love the lipsticks you chose, I’ve always wanted to try Shy Girl.

Gorgeous picks, girl! I actually don’t own any of those lipsticks and they all look lovely ????

Yowzer what an amazing haul! All the lipsticks look so pretty *_*

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