Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser | Review.

The LushAngels on Bare Skin Cleanser ($9.95, Lush Stores) is the first facial cleanser that I’ve tried from Lush. I actually forgot about this sample for a long time and I pretty much let it sit in my shelf for 3 weeks in my room, where the temperature fluctuated a lot depending on the weather in Toronto at the time. I was pleasantly surprised to find this intact, and as fresh as when I got it from the store. From opening the little jar that I received this in, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount that I received. I estimated about 1 week of daily usage would get me through the entire sample.

The texture is thick, and almost as thick as a facial mask. I started by doing a facial steam (where I place my head over a bowl of hot water, and let the steam open the pores). I picked up about a dime-sized amount, and placed several droplets of water in my palm, and applied it on my face. Once it’s on my face it was still quite thick, and will not spread evenly, so I had to add water several times during the process. This is a major con to this cleanser; I had to pat on so much water on my face for the cleanser to be evenly spread out that it was ultimately rinsed out before I was done applying the cleanser to the whole face. This cleanser doesn’t have any exfoliating agents so it doesn’t remove makeup very well (or even at all) but it’s very gentle on the skin. I wasn’t really impressed by the thick texture, and the difficulty in spreading the cleanser. I also didn’t like that it doesn’t have any exfoliating agents so I didn’t really enjoy the whole process very much.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser | Review.

I was mainly attracted to this cleanser because it has calamine powder which is great at calming the angry spots on the skin. I also like the seaweed in this cleanser; seaweed amazing at moisturizing the skin but unfortunately, once my face was clean and dried, it felt tight. I was really surprised because there definitely was a lot of seaweed in the sample, and since it’s geared towards those with sensitive skin, I assumed that it would be really moisturizing. The tightness of the skin really made me reconsider this sample because it doesn’t happen often, even when I use a drugstore moisturizer (Jergens Facial moisturizer).

Now, from a price perspective, this cleanser is very expensive! It’s about $10.50 for a 100 gr tub, but I suppose that the tub will last you a very long time. The product did not significantly improve or worsen my skin in any way and based on the experience I’ve had, I will not be purchasing the full-sized tub of the product.

Where to buy: Lush Cosmetics ($9.95)

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