Life Lately #2.

Every once in a while, I like to share bits of what I have been up to. It’s the weekend (finally) and I feel like I should make it a regular feature to chat on something more personal than just makeup. The amount of makeup-talk that goes on on this blog is too much so I feel morally obligated to stop enabling all of you ????


1 // Despite promising myself that I won’t see the movie, I ended up going courtesy of an invitation extended by Make Up For Ever where we got to #UnlockTheSecrets. To prepare myself for the movie, I finished all of book one (at the airport, killing 8 hours instead of sleeping) and basically enjoyed all the eye-candy (Those Audi’s and Christian’s apartment sent me running back to my apartment to calculate my “big-purchase” savings funds). Aside from the eyecandy provided by all the expensive gadgets (not those naughty ones you’re thinking of!) I was ogling over Ana’s makeup throughout the movie. I just want someone to do my face like that everyday. #LifeGoals.

2 // I wandered around Sephora and found one of the last unopened boxes of the YSL x Lucky Rose Lip Celebration, an exclusive (Canadian-only?) set to celebrate Chinese New Year. I’ve written a pretty thorough and detailed review on the set which you can see here.

3 // Last week I did some damage at Shoppers Drug Mart. Fortunately, it was a redemption event so I spent $60-ish on all of the high-end beauty goodies I bought. It was a really great redemption event for which I’ve been saving up all my points for (I was at 180K points in over 1.5 years), more than enough to redeem twice and still have leftover. All these free new makeup goodies are making my eyes twinkle.

4 // My team at work did a great team-building activity which was to go a cooking school. Here are snaps of the food we put together, which I think looked fantastic. I was responsible for the steak, on which I managed not to burn, given it was my first time cooking steak (#HumbleBrag).

Now it’s your turn! What have you been up to lately? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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