Life Lately #3.

I’m very glad to put February behind us – the -30C weather with windchills that take that temp even lower was something I’d much rather not see again in a while. I’m a little saddened that time is passing so quickly, and that we are well into the third month of the year – it makes me feel so old! March is going to be an intense month as I want to get myself in shape in time for an upcoming trip to the Caribbean while juggling 12 hour days at the office and avoiding all the carbs that the office lunch normally comprises of – so wish me luck!

Beyond the boring day-to-day routine, here’s a quick recap of my week:


+ No Sephora Shopping, No Problem! I don’t feel like myself, and I don’t recognize myself either – throughout the entire month of February (as well as first half of January), I did not spend any money at Sephora, or any other kinds of makeup shopping! It feels good! Although to be technical, I spent a wee bit on a tiny Kiko haul when I was in Italy (because it was on sale!) and got a number of new items from the Shoppers Drug Mart redemption. I realized that I feel a lot less burdened and swamped with products now that I find myself reaching for my old favourites.

+ Oscar Movie Week: I’ve decided to finally go to the movies (I usually wait until they hypes die down or until the movies become available on-demand/cable because I ain’t got no time to waste at the cinema!) so this weekend was pretty much a movie marathon because a bunch of friends I had been planning to meet wanted to watch the movies that won an award at the Oscars.

Starting out with Birdman (Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), American Sniper, and The Imitation Game, I pretty much spent all of Saturday at the movie theatre. My favourite of the three may have been The Imitation Game; Charles Dance, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Allen Leech in one movie? Sign me up!

+ Starting the Guerlain Le Blanc Regime: Inspired by Tracy’s post on finding the treatments for sun spots, I decided to start testing out the GuerlainBlanc de Perle in the last couple of days and tracking my results very carefully. I had wanted to go through and finish my current skincare products but realized that I’m wasting precious time to heal my skin for no good reason. I’m crossing my fingers that this range will clear up any hyperpigmentation on my skin quickly, and I will definitely keep you guys posted on that.

+ Yes, Please by Amy Poehler: I don’t think much needs to be said about Amy Poehler’s best-selling book which has graced countless Instagram accounts. It’s a great read, as it is very honest and reminds you that no one gets it handed to them on a silver plate.

+ Finding the Ultimate Nail Polish Formula: I am absolutely addicted to the GuerlainLa Lacque Couleur in Baby Rose nail polish formula and stocked up on a few shades during the recent Shoppers Drug Mart redemption event. I’ve also been loving muted pastel shades like Essie’sPilates Hottie, a muted lilac shade which I dug out of my nail polish stash. Essie has always been a hit or miss for me, but this colour nailed it.

+ Went Shopping for Work Clothes: Only to realize that all the items I picked out in my basket are either black or white. My friend Zubie would be so proud!

What have you been up this week?

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