Life Lately #10.

Like every year, my birthday tends to be pretty low-key and uneventful. October is my birthday month, and conveniently, it coincides with a lot of new beauty launches, and fall fashion trends hitting stores. Picking up a great deal (more on that in later posts), catching up with people, and doing random things that makes me smile is how I like to spend my birthday!

I spent my birthday at work, since it was a Monday (which sucked because I actually had to go to work though I only stayed until 5pm) – but still was a legit cause to celebrate since I only spent 8 hours at work! Afterwards, I actually spent quite a “slow” quality evening where I got to really enjoy every minute of my birthday catching up over Skype and FB. That’s rare and I can tell you that. As someone who regularly soldiers through a 14 hour work day like it’s no big deal, “slowing down” took some effort but I felt incredibly peaceful by the end of the day.


I promise I won’t bore you with just work stuff – the more exciting part was that the birthday messages left on FB and over text message allowed me to re-connect with a whole bunch of people that I haven’t talked to in years. That means my social calendar is starting to fill up with fun meet-up’s, shopping trips, and catchups – yay for that!!

Inspired by a tag/post I’ve seen on a lot of blogs, and I thought was fitting for this kind of post, here are some things that made me happy during my birthday!

  1. Booked 2 trips for 2016 – I’ll go into this in a separate post, but hello to 25 countries before 25!!
  2. Following the above point, realizing that exactly on my 25th birthday next year, I will be celebrating it in a new country!!
  3. Bought two new books from Chapters – one of them is The Martian (I LOVE IT!) Ended up buying 3 more books online (thank you online discounts!)
  4. Bought only two (1) items from Sephora for my birthday – who am I!?!
  5. Got over 30K in Optimum Points in a single $75 transaction without planning or realizing it
  6. Bought a couple of new staple pieces for the Fall, only to realize they’re all gray and loving every single one of them.
  7. Got to meet up with my friend that I haven’t seen in almost a year and introduced her to Nadege Bakery in Toronto. She now blames me for her macaron addiction
  8. Decluttered a little bit of my life – I spent an ungodly amount of time going through copious piles of documents, invoices, receipts – basically sht that I’ve been meaning to go through on a more regular basis but never got around to doing.
  9. Found the most comfortable ankle boots and stylish gray fedora/floppy hat to go with it.
  10. Bought my sister her first designer bag with the money I got for my birthday

I’m the kind of person who likes to spread the gift and joy with friends and family. Knowing my sister had been on the hunt for a lovely satchel bag similar to the Michael Kors Selma that I have, I secretly went out and got her this beautiful Sutton Leather Satchel (that I was pretty envious of but it’s okay, my Selma is equally pretty!) So fingers crossed, this new investment piece for her will be something she treasures years to come!

That’s all I was up to on my birthday – of course aside from the fact that it also coincided with the Jays game, I thought it was a pretty relaxing and chilled birthday.

What have you been up to recently?

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