Life Lately #4.

I think I’m getting the hang of doing a regular “What’s going on in my life” posts that is the “Life Lately” series on the blog. I’m never one to stick to a routine “series” post, so this is quite the achievement! If you’ve noticed a little quietness on my social media accounts/blog, that’s because things are moving so quickly in my offline life! How so? You’ll find out in just a bit…


+ Second Promotion in 2015: This year is starting out with a bang – I was first promoted (a lateral move/promotion) after 10 months, back in January. Celebrated by going to Europe for a week, as you might have seen on my Instagram account. I was expecting to stay in this role for at least a couple of months, so imagine my surprise when last Thursday, when I unexpectedly got pulled to a surprise meeting. The meeting could have gone either ways, but glad to know I’m sticking around, and moving upwards!

+ Make Up For Ever Spring Preview Event: Another highlight of my week was attending the Spring Preview Event hosted by Make Up For Ever. I’m very excited to see some of upcoming bits hitting your local Sephora and Make Up For Ever boutique! I will have a recap/event coverage post coming your way shortly so you can see what’s new as well!

+ New Car: This was another unexpected surprise. I told my dad that the brake in my car was jamming once in a while, and I assured him that this is probably because of the temperature. I had been driving it for almost a year without any issues, so I attributed the problem to the unseasonably cold weather. My parents didn’t have the heart to let me continue driving a 9 year old Honda with potential brake issues so they bought be a new car. Talk about a good week!

+ Strawberry & Yogurt inspired Breakfasts: Being at the office 12+ hours, and trying to fit in a gym routine can be challenging. I’ve resorted to waking up at 4:30am to head to Goodlife in the morning, and my pre-workout meal usually consists of a super easy strawberry and banana smoothie. After my workout, I have a yogurt parfait with granola and chia seeds. If I’m not feeling full enough, I’ll whip up a second smoothie for the ride to work.

+ Spring Magazines: Remember how I bought the 500+ pages Vogue magazine a couple of years ago? I decided that I love collecting these and found myself purchasing both InStyle and Vogue’s March 2015 volumes, both with over 500 pages of spreads and fashion goodness.


+ Nadege Toronto: Last week, after the Make Up For Ever’s preview event, I suggested to my name twinsies, Steph from Fun Sized Beauty, to visit Nadege Toronto, a place that has gained a cult following for having the best macarons in Toronto. We weren’t disappointed! I chose six flavours including chocolate, cassis, matcha, salted caramel, rose and pistachio, and I am dying to go back. This is the start of a very expensive and unhealthy relationship!

+ Kenzo Ramen: After picking up our tasty treats from Nadege, we also popped by Kenzo Ramen to have lunch. Love how flavourful the soup and ramen was, and you could not taste any eggs in the noodles! I didn’t think I would become a fan of ramen ever, but with this kind of introduction, you won’t find me complaining!

Now it’s your turn! What have you been up to this week? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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