Life Lately #11.

Unlike most, my favourite time of the year is autumn. The crisp, colder, sweater-weather kind of months always gets me excited as it means the holidays are just around the corner. Plus, holiday releases and reconnecting with people seems to top my list of things to do post-summer months, sipping on limited-edition holiday drinks from Starbucks, and the festive season always seems to bring out smiles and families closer!

I’ve been trying to fill up my social calendar with blog events, catching up with friends, and taking advantage of the crisper weather before the weather turns too slushy or cold to do anything more. So here are a couple of things I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks!


1 | Paris!
I’m very excited for an upcoming week-long trip to the City of Love, Paris! Instead of travelling solo this time around, I’m taking my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary. It will be my first trip with them in years, and I get to play the tour guide and show them around the city! I’m always so excited to share my passion of travel with my family members (who hasn’t discovered the beauty travel which is something I hope I can change!) so I hope this will help them feel rejuvenated once they’re back! Look out for upcoming travel posts on Paris!

2 | The Martian Movie
I remembered watching the trailer for this when the Jurassic World movie came out and knew that I had to watch it. I wasn’t a huge fan of space movies since Apollo 13 came out – Gravity was great because the movie made you feel all sorts of queasy when you watch the struggles of Dr. Ryan Stone (played by Sandra Bullock) to survive alone, and I didn’t really enjoy Interstellar.

The Martian definitely topped the list as a well-made movie and highly believable though I still consider the book far more superior and realistic compared to what was portrayed in the movie. My friends who have watched the movie found it enjoyable enough and I did find that it moved at a good pace overall. I don’t think the movie did any justice to the character but I’ll reserve my review of the movie so that I won’t spoil it for you! That being said, I would recommend doing the read after the movie if you don’t want to be disappointed by the movie.

3 | Wine Tours – Niagara on the Lake
I haven’t been to the Niagara region in a while so when my friend asked me to do a day trip to Niagara, I excitedly agreed and recruited a few more people to join us in this one-day trip to the famed wine region. I definitely found myself obsessed with the icewines, particularly the Vidal and Riesling from Peller and Inniskilling. I highly recommend you give it a go if you are looking for some fall activities to do!

4 | Surfset Toronto
Have you ever wanted to surf, but don’t want to spend the money flying to Hawaii or other surfing spots around the world? How about an exercise class inspired by surfing? I was lucky enough to be invited to a Surfset Toronto class, a fitness class inspired by surfing! Just imagine doing your regular exercises on a surfboard instead of flat ground! It is just that much harder, but the results (even after the first workout) is incredible! If you missed the post, check out my review of the Balance class and a few pictures of the studio!

What have you been up to recently?

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