Life Lately #1.

Having my birthday fall exactly in the month when new Fall fashion pieces are just hitting stores meant that I could put those birthday discounts to good use. In the past, I rarely shop for seasonal pieces, preferring to buy pieces that can be worn all year round, and easily layered for the colder months. That means my collection of sweaters, knits, cardigans and other Fall/Winter appropriate pieces is at an all-time high of zero.

Well, a well-intentioned visit to the mall ended up with me walking out with several new pieces, all appropriately grey for the colder months. I figured dressing in all black, while it makes you look smarter and slimmer, could give my co-workers the wrong idea, and wearing all white for someone as clumsy as me would mean that I would shell out just that much more money replacing the ruined pieces.

Fortunately, those birthday discounts went to a really good use so I didn’t spend as much money as I could have without those discounts. After I wore a couple of these pieces out, and realized how comfortable they were, I ended up going on a spree and bought a couple more pieces which I may show in a next haul.


I needed a piece that could be worn and mixed easily for comfort, style and travel purposes. Basically, I want a stylish alternative to my multi-purpose sarong scarf that I travel with every single time (it’s a fantastic piece for the beach, and can be worn and used as a scarf, blanket or pillow on the plane). This Ombre Houndstooth Cape was pretty much everything I was looking for in the in all three criteria.

As soon as I wore this to run errands over the weekend, I realized I was in grave danger of practically living in it for the entire season. It’s one of those pieces you simply throw on for a long-haul flight where you might want to have something warm for the journey but can easily tuck away once you arrive at your destination. For everyday wear, a poncho is the only socially-acceptable oversized blanket that you can wear in public.

Have you ever come across a piece where you just know that it was “the one” and no matter how expensive it was, you just had to have it? I knew that an accompanying floppy hat was absolutely necessary to pull the pieces together especially since floppy hats are one of the few styles that look really, really good on me. When I saw this Heather Grey Floppy Hat with the leather detailing, I was sold. It cost a pretty penny ($50+) but it. is. so. chic.

Having a stylish poncho sweater doesn’t hurt either, given that this piece is a wool blend which makes it that much warmer to wear and I could probably wear this as far as December without looking out of place. The cowl neck detailing at the front takes this piece up a notch and gives it that stylish factor. Plus, it kind of feels like a mini pillow if you move the cowl neck towards the back.

I must be the only girl in the world without an ankle boot to wear for the Fall season. I have this old ankle boot from my mom which is purple and looks fantastic with any piece I wear, but just not the right colour for every occasion. I finally splurged on one by Clarks, when The Bay was having their 25% off + 15% off sale when you use their HBC Mastercard. Not only does it give a nice height, but it is so padded, and comfortable to wear that it makes you forget your wearing a 3.5″ heel boot.

Have you picked up any Fall pieces recently?

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