Laneige Water Bank Serum.

Splurging on a hydrating skincare range is something I feel least guilty about. I am no stranger to Laneige skincare products, which means “snow” in French, having tried, finished and loved two skincare products before: the Bright Renew Emulsion ($30, available here) and Balancing Emulsion Dry/Normal ($28, available here). Laneige isn’t as readily available in Canada (yet, although now has select products online) though I recall that the range is available at Target in the US.

Recently, an opportunity came up for me to try out the new Water Bank Serum ($35, available here) and being such a huge fan of skincare products, I had to try it. A good skincare regime will prep and get your skin ready like no makeup could.

If you have yet to hear about Laneige, it is their expertise at combining complex elements that makes its products well known for the Water Science™ Skincare. Each product is enriched with ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and infused with mineral-rich ingredients to solve various skin concern.

Before I actually review the product, I find it helpful to compare value and brand equity as I work in marketing and it’s just something I do subconsciously! What I particularly like about Laneige is their affordable skincare products. When it comes to skincare, I am always hesitant at indulging over $40 for a serum, makeup remover, moisturizer, you name it! Laneige however, prices their products at that sweet spot where it’s not too expensive to compete directly against higher-end brands like Dior, CHANEL, or Nude Skincare, but it is premium enough compared to the drugstore products.


I always incorporate serum in my routine as often as I can – the extra step of adding a highly concentrated skincare products in my routine always helps. I alternate and switch up the serum depending on what my skin needs at the time. After adding the serum, I will continue with a moisturizer to seal the serum in. In the case of the Water Bank Serum, the product is intensely moisturizing, as in I could use less product, and still skip the moisturizer. After washing my face, sometimes I get a very tight feeling across the skin, and this serum seriously helps with that. I feel this product will eventually become a staple during the winter season with its intense hydration!

Laneige suggests the following skincare routine to ensure that your skin is fully moisturized for all day long! As always, use what works for you ????
Have you tried Laneige products before? Would you be interested in trying their skincare range?

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