The Italian Job | Marvis Toothpaste.

Marvis Toothpaste ($7-13.50, available here) is like the Prada of all toothpastes – designer, Italian-chic and stylish. I never understood why people would spend anything close to $10/€10 on a tube of toothpaste, which was much smaller than one of those $3 100ml toothpaste. I’ve never heard of Marvis until a couple of years ago and picked this up on a whim while at one of those French pharmacies. While looking up reviews after purchasing two large tubes of it (cause you know, that would’ve been a good time to find out that I had just spent €20 on two tubes!) I read a line that was along the lines of “Best toothpaste ever – helped whiten my teeth!” and I was immediately hooked.

The apothecary-style tube is one that I always make a beeline for it whenever I’m in Paris. Now, I hate the dentist with a passion – traumatized as a kid especially because my mom wasn’t the most sympathetic person when it comes to dental work. As a result, I work very hard to maintain my teeth clean and avoid the dentist like a plague. Claims like “effectively whitens the teeth” and “cleans and prevents such-and-such problem” won me over. Plus, it’s $10-12 per tube (the more expensive, the more likely it’s going to work right?) so yes, I was convinced.



Available in seven variety of flavours, including aromatic jasmine and cinnamon mint, this toothpaste glamorizes toothbrushing from a boring routine. The Marvis toothpaste is slightly thicker in texture and very concentrated, so that a little goes a long way. Unlike toothpaste from the drugstore, there’s no lingering chemical-like taste in your mouth. Not surprisingly, the mouth is left feeling very clean. It’s really a sensation that can’t be properly described on paper (or blog in this case), but the squeaky clean feeling is unlike one that you would normally feel with a regular toothpaste. The closest thing I can compare the feeling is after you get your cleaning done at the dentist!

The other thing that I quite like and found this toothpaste to be incredibly effective at is after I’ve finished eating an aromatic food induced with plenty of onions or garlic. It’s much more effective and my mouth doesn’t have lingering smell afterwards.

I’ve found myself reaching out for this tube quite often, and after a week’s use, I’ve started noticing that my teeth is lighter. Each time I’ve been using it, I feel my mouth and teeth feel so much cleaner. That being said, it is a treat and quite an expensive one at that, but I think once you use it, you’ll know exactly why people will splurge on it.

The toothpaste is available online via Obsessed Canada for $7-$13.50 and the tube is available in two sizes: 25ml-75ml. While it is more expensive than the regular $3 toothpaste from the drugstore, it’s worth trying out! It has been one of my favourite beauty products of the moment and I hope it could become yours too!

Now it’s your turn! Would you like to try the Marvis Toothpaste? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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