If Money was no Issue…

…I would check out with over $1,000 worth of stuff in my cart. GRANTED, $600 of that $1000 is due to the NARS Vault which features 10x NARS Audacious Lipstick, and 10x Full Sized nail polish – anyone wants to chip in?


That being said, if I money were really not an issue, I would check out with so much more stuff than the ones I originally intended to purchase. My sister called me out the other day on having too much makeup, and that stung a little bit. Not in a bad way, but I definitely thought I’ve seen so much self-improvement, in not spending anything on makeup in the last 2 months. Given that this is only one of the 2 times that we’ll see high end products being “on sale”, I thought I could indulge a little bit. That being said, I didn’t feel offended or upset, just a thought that maybe I haven’t been as diligent as I assumed I had been.

My biggest weakness has always been value sets. Any time there’s a value set, 90% of the time it ends up in my cart. Most times, I end up using all of the products in the set (which is super awesome because who wants to see it go to waste, right?) but there have been times where I’ve ended up chucking 50% of it which doesn’t end up being a real savings after all.

If you were running out of ideas as to what you should shop for during the sale, here are a few things that I wish I could pick up (if money was no issue!)

With this Sephora sale, I’ve set myself a budget of $200 max that I can spend throughout the whole sale! I’m trying to be good and have that $200 include taxes too. So far, I think I’ve been quite good, and repurchased only stuff that I know I use on a daily basis. I ended up placing a second order, and potentially a third one because I just saw some new value sets pop up. This is kind of bad!

Also, do you guys prefer to shop at Sephora online or in-store? I’ve always found my in-store experience as being highly mixed, so there’s no real way os saying the stores in Toronto are better or worse!

I to have found my in-store experience to be quite mixed. I love getting samples and find that my store is not the best at giving out samples. So I like shopping online more than in-store, also you can use Ebates for on-line purchases! I am a sucker for value sets as well, but I have gotten a bit better lately. I now only buy them if I am interested in at least half of what is in them. I really want to check out the new Anastasia palette but I fon’t think its going to end up being in store before the sale is over so I may just have to get it on line…

I agree with you on eBates! I love the cheques I get every couple of months ???? That’s a really good idea – I’m usually already halfway through adding the value set in my cart before I even think about whether I’ll end up using it!

I would definitely splurge for some Tom Ford products!

I’m semi-glad that I have not started paying attention to Tom Ford products, so my wallet is quite safe! Trust me, those packaging are simply divine ????

i too set a budget for this sale and I am doing ok. But there are still 2 days left so who knows?! I do most of my purchases online as I don’t have a Sephora near me. Plus I always use ebates/ Mr. Rebates to get extra bucks back. For foundation purchase, I do go to the store to make sure the shade is spot on though.

Foundations are trickiest to purchase online! I’m always looking up swatches but always try to get a sample at the beginning of the sale when possible! I love ebates for the cash back ????

yea i hear you about the value set.s ’cause you’re saving money with those!! i always go for the value sets too.
i saw a YSL glossy stain set i really wanted….must resist.

I think I know exactly which set you’re talking about, and yes I’m having a hard time resisting it as well! Crossing my fingers for us both ????

The idea for this post is brilliant…BECAUSE NOW I’M INSPIRED TO SEE WHAT I’D PICK UP + SEE THE PRICE TOTAL TOO. I’ve been pretty diligent in the makeup spending department (I think….I hope…) and so far I’ve spent $180-ish during the Sephora sale. After this, GONNA BAN MYSELF FROM SEPHORA UNTIL THE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER SALE *-*

As for store experiences, mixed bag too. I do dread going into the Yorkville one though, as everyone seems so snobby in there.

Thanks Vanessa ???? Seriously trying to cut back on my beauty spending!

Good on you for setting a budget for the sale! Value sets are my weakness as well! They seem like (and most of the time are) really good value if you’re going to use all of the included products.

It was tough to sit down and go through it like an exercise but ultimately I had to be disciplined about my spending! A budget was a great accountability check!

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