17 Things that Make Me Feel #AdultStatusAchieved.

I’m not sure how I decided to come up with this post, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I’ve adulted my whole life, and my sister not-so-kindly pointed out that my childhood ended at the tender age of 2.5 years old. What sort of traumatic event happened in my childhood that resulted in this catastrophic change in my young life? My younger sister was born and I suddenly had someone to order around, and “do my biddings” – to put it in Sheryl Sandberg’s words from her book, “Lean In”, my siblings conveniently became my first employees, allowing me to exercise my “adult” authorities.

And isn’t it the most ironic thing that as children we want to adult quickly, but as adults, we just want the simplicity of childhood?

Now, just because I’m a total Type A who can’t stand being told that I have been “wrong”, and also because my siblings think I’m so uptight that I can’t poke fun at myself, I thought I would prove them wrong ????

So here are 17 things that always make me feel like a total adult, and therefore #AdultStatusAchieved.

  1. Having an emergency go-bag packed with essential toiletries, backups of outfit in case of mishaps
  2. Being the go-to person for all things related to writing greeting / congratulatory / holiday / birthday / thank you cards
  3. Knowing and being able to cook healthy food and making healthy choices when eating out (Unsweetened anything please!
  4. Saving and meeting monetary goals
  5. Getting things done by noon on the weekend (i.e. blog photography)
  6. Going to the gym before work
  7. Having a pen / bobby pin / hair tie / fem hygiene stuff handy when anyone asks
  8. Reading non-fiction, business books
  9. Owning matching undergarments (#MyCalvins anyone??)
  10. Owning a matching PJ set that’s not an old university sweater, or fleece onesie
  11. Watching documentaries
  12. Having a go to lipstick colour
  13. Having an immediately recognizable “me” perfume scent
  14. Having a go-to makeup look for every occasion
  16. Booking trips and putting together itineraries by myself
  17. Having intelligent, lively debates

Writing this made me feel so old! And that was a little harder for me to write than I expected, so help me out folks – what are some of your favourite #AdultStatusAchieved things you do?

P.S. If you are a total type A or generally curious about the backgrounds of Tesla, PayPal, Zip2, or SpaceX, Ashlee Vance’s book on Elon Musk is a great read!

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